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Creating a Payment Page and Editing Your Default Payment Page
Creating a Payment Page and Editing Your Default Payment Page

How to use Teachery's checkout pages and how to expire an existing Payment Page.

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Think of Payment Pages as the main entry point to your course. You can create as many Payment Pages as you like and Payment Pages can be set to Free, Paid, or Recurring Payments.

You'll need to connect a (free) Stripe account to quickly and easily sell your online courses. Your students/customers will never know Stripe exists, Stripe is simply an industry-leading payment processor.Β 

Once you create a Payment Page (more step-by-step info below) simply grab the URL from the Actions menu and share it with your potential customers!

πŸ’³ What currencies do our Payment Pages support?

We support multiple currency options that you can choose when creating a new payment page OR when editing any existing payment page.

The currency options we currently offer are:

  • $ - US Dollar

  • € - Euro

  • MXN - Mexican Peso

  • Β£ - Pound Sterling

  • β‚Ή - Indian Rupee

  • AU$ - Australian Dollar

  • NZ$ - New Zealand Dollar

  • C$ - Canadian Dollar

  • DKK - Danish Krone

  • SEK - Swedish Krona

πŸ‘‹ NOTE: Once you create a recurring payment page you cannot change the currency. If you need to change the currency you'll need to create a new recurring payment page from scratch. You CAN change the currency of a fixed (1-time) payment page.

🧰 What features are included with our Payment Pages?

  • Ability to sell fixed price ($20) or recurring pricing ($20/mo OR $200/yr)

  • Customizable text areas

  • Logo image area

  • Registration countdown timer (which will expire the payment page automatically once the time runs out)

  • Checkout icons

  • Optional shipping fields

  • Optional additional input field

  • Optional payment options

  • Optional terms and privacy checkbox

  • Adding your own custom code

  • Conversion tracking code area (for things like Facebook Ads)

  • Email notifications every time you make a course sale

βš™οΈ How to set up a FIXED price Payment Page

The video below will walk you through creating a fixed price (ex: $10) Payment Page and all the features we offer within it.

Use the chapter marker dots on the video to jump to different sections!

⏩ How to set up a RECURRING price (monthly or annual) Payment Page

The video below will walk you through creating a recurring price (ex: $10/month or $120/year) Payment Page.

πŸ’‘ We have an additional help doc for Recurring Payment Pages that talks more about using them for Membership Sites.

πŸ“¬ We help you recover failed payments from your customers with our Recurring Payment Failed Email

Once you create your first RECURRING Payment Page, a new email you can customize will be available in the Course Emails section of the course editor in the left sidebar.

You can read more about this feature in our Recurring Payment Pages help doc.

βœ… How to show different payment options on a single Payment Page (example: one-time price OR recurring price OR separate currency, etc)

Let's say you have a $200 USD course and you want to offer 2 different payment options on the same Payment Page:

  1. The one-time payment option of $200

  2. A $20 per month for 10 months recurring payment option

All you need to do is create both Payment Pages (the one-time Payment Page and the separate Recurring Payment Page). Then, on the main Payment Page you want to send to your customers, click the "Add Payment Options" orange button to toggle ON this feature:

Once turned on, you'll then check the boxes βœ… of the Payment Pages you want to display to your customer (any pages left unchecked will NOT be displayed).

When you're happy with your selections, click the Preview page icon in the top right of the page editor and view the Payment Page as your customer will see it. When you scroll to the buying section, you'll see the options they can select:

And there you go! You can show as MANY options as you like on a Payment Page, including different currencies or even payment options that include higher ticket items as well πŸ‘ πŸ‘ .

πŸ™… How to EXPIRE a Payment Page so no one can purchase your course (and how to un-expire it!)

Our built-in registration countdown timer gives you the ability to not only create some urgency to purchase your course but once the timer counts down completely, your Payment Page will be set to expire automatically.

πŸ”₯ Hot Tip: You can manually expire any Payment Page

If you want to keep a Payment Page but don't want someone to be able to use it to purchase your course, you can manually expire the page by turning on the registration countdown bar and setting it to ANY DATE IN THE PAST.

🎨 How to use the Style Editor to brand and customize your Payment Pages to your liking

Watch the video below to learn how to use our Style Editor to jazz-up your awesome Payment Pages!

πŸ“Œ Recommendation: Go through your payment page checkout process yourself before inviting customers to purchase

⚠️ When you go to make a real purchase of your payment page, make sure to use an email address that is NOT your Teachery account email address.

We cannot stress this recommendation enough! If you want to see the exact experience your customers will have, purchasing your own course will show you the steps they will go through.

Pro-tip: Use an Incognito Window (Google Chrome) or a Private Window (Safari) to view your payment page URL. This will ensure you aren't logged in to your Teachery account.

Don't forget to refund your purchase! You can do this in your Customer Profile via the Customers page. πŸ‘πŸ‘


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