This is an advanced feature of Teachery in our Payment Pages. We do not support the troubleshooting of conversion pixels, outside of setting them up properly in your Payment Pages. 

Proceed at your own risk when adding custom code to your Teachery course 🙈.

How Our Conversion Tracking Works

Navigate to your course and click the Payment Page you want to edit and add conversion tracking too. Within that Payment Page you'll see an "Add Custom Code" button at the top. Within that button are three text areas. You'll want to focus on the "Conversion Tracking Code." 

Add your conversion tracking code and click the save button! 

When you've added your conversion tracking code, we recommend you make a REAL purchase of your course (with an email that is not your Teachery account email). This way, you can check to see if the conversion tracking is firing properly. 

IMPORTANT: Our conversion tracking fires after a customer makes a successful purchase AND creates a password.

(NOTE: If you use the FB Pixel Chrome Extension, the icon will NOT light up until you go through the process of purchasing through a Payment Page > Creating a Password > Landing on the Overview page of your course. You WILL see the FB Pixel icon light up after those steps as that is when the pixel is fired for the optimal conversion data Teachery can report back to Facebook.  

Using Facebook's Universal Pixel

Facebook has a universal tracking pixel that can be used for a multitude of purposes. 

However, for Teachery to push conversion data to Facebook, you must include the universal tracking code in the "Conversion Tracking Code" section of any/all Teachery Payment Pages. Yes, that means you'd want to add it to each Payment Page that's active for your course 😊.

If you're a Facebook expert and would like to chime in with additional information here, please contact us to help your fellow Teachery customers!

Other Conversion Tracking Codes (Google Analytics, MailChimp 360, etc)

Our conversion tracking should support all standard codes. Again, we recommend adding the code to your Payment Pages and making a real purchase to see if the code is firing correctly. 

Feel free to reach out to us if you are having issues, but know, we are not conversion tracking experts. We're helping-you-create-and-sell-your-online-course experts 😉.

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