This feature was created to help support course creators who want to manually add users to a course (without that user having to do anything at all!)ย 

How to Manually Add a Customer to your Course

  • Login to your Teachery account >>

  • Look for the "Add Customer to Course" area >>

  • Enter the student's First name, Last name, Email, and then select the course from the dropdown menu >>

  • Click "Add customer" button and they'll be added*!

  • โœ‹ *Note: Manually adding a customer to your course WILL send them the course Welcome Email (unless you've turned that email off, which we don't recommend). Once they receive the Welcome Email, they'll click the "login" link, set their password, and be on their way.

Are you adding beta customers to your course? Or just want to test out how your course flow looks?

You can also use the Add Customer to Course feature to quickly add test customers or yourself. Itโ€™s a simple way to give someone access to your course without having to create a Landing or Payment Page.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Pro-tip: Make sure to use a unique email address if you want to add yourself to your course (don't use your Teachery account email address).

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