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Logout, Billing, Account Settings, Forgot Password, and other Course URLs
Logout, Billing, Account Settings, Forgot Password, and other Course URLs

If your course customer needs help logging out, updating recurring billing info, changing their email address, etc, this will help you!

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Within every course in Teachery is a page called "Course Links." This page can be found while editing a course in the top left of the sidebar.

Within the Course Links page, you'll find all kinds of helpful URLs specific to the course you are currently editing!

πŸ‘‹ The Handy URLs section of the Course Links page contains the following URLs:

Course login URL

This URL is perfect to give to any course customers who misplace the course Welcome Email and need to get back into your course. You can also Resend a Welcome Email as a separate action.

Course logout URL

If a customer is asking you how to logout of your course, you can give them this URL. You could also include it on the Overview page of your course (via hyperlinked text) if you want to give your customers the option to logout.

Password Reset URL

When a customer forgets their password, you can give them this URL. πŸ’‘ Pro-tip: YOU can also open this URL in an Incognito or Private Window and submit a customer's email address yourself if you want to reset their password for them (which will send the password reset email to them)!

Cancel Recurring Payments URL

If you have Recurring Payments, this is the URL to give a customer who wants to self-cancel their payments. If a customer uses this URL it WILL automatically revoke their course access as well. Additionally, you can cancel a customer's payment subscription on their Customer Profile page.

Your Course Billing URL

If a customer needs to update their credit card information on file for your course, this is the URL to give them to do that!

Account Settings URL

If a customer wants to update their email address or name, this URL will help them get that done. πŸ‘πŸ‘


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