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Revoking Access, Refunds, Deleting Customers, and other Customer Actions
Revoking Access, Refunds, Deleting Customers, and other Customer Actions

Also how to reset passwords, find your course login link, give your customer a billing update page, cancel payment subscriptions, and more!

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There are many actions you can take on behalf of your customers.

You can find customers by visiting your Customer Activity page and then searching the customer's name or email address. Click the customer's name after searching for them and you'll land on their Customer Profile.

⚡️ Here are all our available Customer ACTIONS...

Edit Customer Name, Email, or Password

If you need to update your customer's name, email address, or password, we give you the ability to do that.

TIP: If you are changing a customer's email or password, we recommend using the Resend Welcome Email button on the Customer Profile page so they get a new Welcome Email with a new course login link.

Resend Welcome Email

This will resend the initial email upon course purchase. You probably already customized this email inside your course editor in the EMAILS section of the left sidebar.

Revoke Course Access

By clicking this link you will be removing a customer's access to your course. This will NOT refund any existing payments and will NOT cancel any recurring payment subscriptions your customer might have. This CAN be undone by clicking Grant Access (which appears only after you Revoke Access).

Refund Course Payment

You can refund a single payment OR you'll see individual payments for recurring payment purchases. You can refund any payments and refunding will not result in revoking access to your course.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: We recommend refunding payments via your Customer Profiles in Teachery instead of within your Stripe account because it keeps the records up to date in Teachery. 

Cancel Subscription

If a customer has purchased your course via a recurring payment page and you want to stop any future payments, use the Cancel Subscription link. This will NOT refund your customer and will NOT revoke access: Their recurring payments will simply come to an end.

If you're looking for the URL to give your customers to cancel their recurring subscription you can find it in the Course Links page within the course editor (top left of the sidebar).

  • Example Cancel Recurring Payments URL:

Pause Subscription

If a customer needs to have their subscription payment extended out into the future, you can do that using our Pause Subscription button (in the Customer Profile). You can read more on pausing subscriptions here.

Delete Your Customer

We do not allow you to delete or edit your customers at this time. Should you need to do so, please contact us.

Need to reset your customer's password, give them a login URL, or give them a URL to update their billing information?

Many of these URLs can be found in the Course Links page within your course. This handy-dandy page can be found by:

  • Click into any Course or Theme from the main Courses & Themes dashboard

  • Look in the left sidebar for Course Links (click into it!)

  • Boom, you found the Course Links page! 👍👍


Resetting your customer's password

If your customer can't find the password reset page, you'll find the link in Course Links. If they've tried to reset their password and had trouble, it can usually boil down to one thing: Password reset links are only valid for 24 hours. 

If your customer has emailed with password reset issues and you want to skip a step, you can copy the Password Reset URL (from the Course Links page), open a new logged-out window of Teachery, and enter your customer's email in the password reset form for them. This will send the password reset instructions and you can let them know to look out for that email (and click the link in it within 24 hours).

🤓 Pro-tip: Often times email providers, like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, have sensitive email filters and password reset emails can end up in spam/junk folders. Mention this to your customers when you email them and they'll most likely find the emails there if the email isn't in their main inbox.

Giving your customer the course login URL

Hopefully, this one is self-explanatory now that you know where the Course Links page is. Copy the login URL and give it to your customer.

🙋 Another pro-tip: If your customer is saying they can't log in, they've tried to reset their password, and nothing is working, you probably want to go to your Customer Activity page and search their email address. If there are no results, they most likely used a different email address when they signed up for your course (or there was a typo). Try searching for their first name or last name and see if another result comes up with a different email address. Then, let them know to log in with the correct email address!

Does your customer want to update their credit card information for a recurring payment plan (or payment subscription)?

This one is really easy! Just grab the login URL, but change the login to billing on the end of the URL. Here's an example:

Login URL:
Billing URL:


Hope that helps you address any customer issues you may be having! If you are still having issues, feel free to reach out to us to lend a hand 👍.

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