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We pride ourselves on having just the right amount of features to help you build, launch, and sell your online course.

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👋 Note: Once you browse our features list below, we recommend viewing our Getting Started Guide which has video walk-throughs of all our features. You can also use the search box above this article to search for a specific feature.

This article will serve as a resource for learning about all the awesome features Teachery has to offer. We will continue to update this article as we add new features to our course creation platform. No matter which pricing plan you choose, your Teachery account will include ALL the features listed below!

Tip: If you are looking for a specific feature, we recommend pressing cmd + F (Mac) or ctrl + F (PC) and typing in a keyword.

😍 Unlimited Courses, Lessons, and Students

If you want to create 1,000 online courses and rack up 10,000,000 students, we’re here to support that dream! You will never get charged or limited by the number of courses you create. Go nuts!

Within a Teachery course, you can have as many lessons as your heart desires. Want lessons within lessons? We can make that inception magic happen!

You can also duplicate an existing course in Teachery with the click of one button. It will copy over all lessons, course content, and course styles.

✍️ Simple Live Course Editor

If you can compose an email, you can create a course in Teachery! Our live editor updates on-the-go, so you’ll never have to save or worry about losing your precious course content. Every piece of text is editable in our course editor, so feel free to translate your course into any language your heart desires.

Pro-tip: Google Chrome is the most reliable browser for using our course editor, although it does also work well with Firefox, Safari, and others.

We have two course templates to choose from: Minimal and Sidebar.

Teachery's Minimal Course Template
Teachery's Sidebar Course Template


🧑‍💻 Embed Video, Audio, and Slide Presentations

We do not host your course videos or audio files. This is done on purpose. It helps us offer extremely fair pricing for Teachery and we allow the folks at YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Soundcloud, etc, to do what they do best (and you simply use their embed code to bring video or audio content into your course).

Teachery supports embedding content via a myriad of services, but here are the ones we recommend:

Video – Wistia (paid), YouTube (free), Vimeo (free or paid)

Audio – Soundcloud (free or paid)

Slide Presentations – Prezi, Canva, Google Slides, Slideshare (free or paid)

You can also read our help documentation on adding videos, adding audio, and adding presentations.

🎨 Customizability with our Course Style Editor

We’ve tried to give you complete control of how your online course can look. From the hover states of your buttons, background colors, sub-lesson colors, and even the lines in the quick jump section of the course. You can customize it all to look and feel exactly like your brand should look. This includes your course, lessons, payment pages, and sales pages.

NOTE: We are a white-label course platform which is why we don't have a public library of customized courses for you to browse.

Here are a couple of existing courses on Teachery and our two templates:


💳 Payment Pages, Recurring Payments (Payment Plans or Memberships), and Promo Codes

We integrate directly with Stripe so you can quickly and easily sell your online courses. You can customize your payment pages and create as many payment pages as you like. 

If you want to sell free courses, our payment pages become very simple onboarding pages for your course(s).

If you sell your course outside of Teachery, we have a feature that allows you to manually add students to your courses as well.

You can also create promo codes for your courses. Give a specific percentage or amount off of your course’s full price, and set how long a promo code will be active and how many people can redeem your courses.

⬆️ Upsells (aka Bump Offers) and Course Bundles

Looking to sweeten the deal during checkout? With our Upsells feature, you can add a simple bump offer of anything (another course, 1-on-1 coaching call, etc). You can create an unlimited number of Upsells and they even feature their own discounts!

🎁 Course Gifting

All our payment pages include the option of buying a course as a gift for someone else. With the flip of one simple switch, you can allow a customer to purchase your course for someone else. We also include the ability to schedule the initial Course Welcome Email to be sent at a date determined by the gift buyer. They can buy your course as a gift now, but have the course delivered at just the right time in the future!

🧺 Course Hubs and Memberships

With our recurring payment pages, any course you create in Teachery can become a Membership! Simply think of a "Lesson" in a course as a different offering within your Membership. Do you have a new training or downloadable goodie every month you want to deliver to your paying members? Just add a new lesson in your course!

Separately, if you want to use a Course Hub (aka School or Dashboard) to sell a group of Courses in one spot, this is the feature for you. Course Hubs can have any amount of courses listed in them, there are optional sections you can add to organize courses, and you can use our "Buy All" button functionality for a nearly 1-click checkout for your customers.


🖥 Sales Pages, Landing Pages, and Email Capture Pages

Our sales/landing/email page creator makes it incredibly easy to promote your online course. If you have existing payment pages, you can add them to your sales page and let people purchase right from there. If you aren’t ready to sell your course but want to collect email addresses, you can do that too!

📧 Email Integration with MailChimp and ConvertKit

We offer the ability to integrate directly with your MailChimp or ConvertKit email marketing account. Whether you want to collect the emails of people who purchase your course or you just want to collect emails on a sales/landing page, we make this easy for you.

Also, if you use other email marketing providers, don’t worry we also feature…

⚡️ Zapier, Pabbly, and Make Integrations for Endless Automations

We stopped adding new integrations and decided to lean on the folks at Zapier, Pabbly, and Make to handle all your automation needs!


🏠 Custom Domains

We understand that you may not want your course to live on as a domain name. This is why we offer the ability to house your course on whatever custom domain you like.

Every course you create in Teachery can have its own unique custom domain. Have 10 courses? Each one can have its own custom domain.

🤩 SSL certificates for everyone!

We also secure your custom domain at NO extra cost! Once you add a custom domain to a course, we'll generate an SSL certificate for it so you and your course students can have a safe browsing experience!

Custom domains can get a little tricky and we wish there was an easier way to set them up. We have a helpful video about this feature that you can watch here. We highly recommend the use of subdomains with your online course, as it’s much easier to change the DNS records for as opposed to just


📊 Tracking Code and Analytics

We offer some basic analytics and data around your courses, lessons, and overall revenue. These analytics are provided at your account level and individually for each course you create!

But, we realize there are some data-focused people who want to go even deeper! You can use our built-in Google Analytics integration OR you can plugin your analytics provider's code and you'll get even more data!


👥 Comments and Community

Fostering a community with your students can be important. We integrate directly with Disqus for commenting and in-course community interaction. You can learn more about our integration with Disqus here.

Feel free to add links within your course to promote your Facebook Group, Slack Channel, Circle Group, or any other platform you facilitate community with!

🤝 Course Admins

Want someone from your company or team to work on your courses, but don't want them to log in to your main Teachery account? We have a Course Admins feature available that has multiple permissions options.

If you have a virtual assistant that only needs access to manage your customers, you can do that! If you hire a freelancer to design and build your courses, you can set them up as a Course Admin and they don't have to see any other part of your account.

Course Admins are included at NO extra cost and you can have an unlimited number of folks helping build your course empire through Teachery!

🔒 Course Lesson Scheduling (aka Drip Content)

Want the ability to let someone buy your course, but then drip your lessons out to your students based on a schedule you decide? This feature makes that happen!

You can set lessons to unlock in day increments and you can update those increments at any time. We also let you choose a Course Start Date as well as a Course Expiration Date.

You can read more about lesson drip content here.


📬 Welcome Emails and Course Completed Emails

If you want to quickly and easily send the students that buy your courses a Welcome Email, we’ve got you taken care of. This email is customizable and includes a student’s purchase and login information.

Inside your course, there are “Completed” buttons at the bottom of each course lesson. If your student goes through all your course lessons, hitting the completed button on each one, there is a Course Completed email you can customize to congratulate them on their success! We highly recommend including your favorite success GIF in that email. This is our current favorite:


💰 Affiliates (for Your Courses and Teachery)

If you want to enlist the help of your contacts to sell your courses and give them a commission for their efforts, our simple course affiliate program can make the magic happen! Simply add your affiliate's PayPal email, pick the affiliate commission percentage, choose which course, and you're off and running. Read more about course affiliates here.

We also have an affiliate program if you want to promote Teachery and make a commission for your efforts (which we are super appreciative of!) Our affiliate program pays out at 25% for life. Yep. For life! Read more about Teachery's affiliate program here


🙋‍♂️ Fantastic Customer Support

Within every page of Teachery, you’ll see a “?” icon in the bottom right-hand corner. We monitor this support system 7 days a week and do our best to reply as quickly as humanly possible. We do not offer 24-hour customer support, so if you’re working in the wee hours of the night, we may not get back to you right away.

We’re here to help you set up your course, market your course, sell your course, and even brainstorm the content in your course. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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