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Creating and Managing Affiliates For Your Course(s)
Creating and Managing Affiliates For Your Course(s)
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Having people help sell your course(s) is easy using our Course Affiliates feature. You get this feature at no extra cost and you can setup as many affiliates as you like.

How To Add A Course Affiliate

  • Login to Teachery >>

  • Go to Affiliates in the top navigation >>

  • Enter the PayPal email, commission %, and course >>

  • Select which course pages the affiliate should use >>

  • You added your affiliate! 🎉

Two important notes about Course Affiliates:

1️⃣ As soon as you add an affiliate, you both get emailed: When you've successfully added an affiliate, you AND the affiliate's PayPal email address will receive the Affiliate email with the important affiliate URLs. Anytime you edit an affiliate, we will resend the Affiliate email with upgraded information (the affiliate's unique code never changes).

2️⃣ We cannot attribute an affiliate AFTER a purchase is made: If a course affiliate does not use their affiliate URL, there is no way to track successful course sales to them. Please make sure you and they keep their affiliate URL email in a safe place (more on the emails we send to both of you below).


Watch our Course Affiliates walk-through video:


How to set different commissions for the same affiliate on your Landing Pages or Payment/Purchase Pages

If you want your affiliate to get different commissions for different Landing or Payment Pages, simply create that same affiliate multiple times. You'll use the same PayPal email address each time, but you can adjust the commission percentage and which pages for each entry. Remember: Whenever you add an affiliate, you and they will receive an email with their unique affiliate links.

Sample scenario: 

  • You have a fixed payment page that's $100 and a recurring payment page that's $10/month. 

  • If you want your affiliate to get 50% commission on the fixed payment page and 30% commission on the recurring payment page, it's easy to do. 

  • Simply add the affiliate twice, once with a 50% commission and the fixed payment page checked. 

  • Then a second time with a 30% commission and the recurring payment page checked. 

  • Voila! 


If you want to use Landing Pages outside of Teachery (like Instapage, LeadPages, etc) to promote your course, here's an example of how you can make that work:

Sample scenario:

John is an affiliate of your Vegan Baked Goods course

You create a Landing Page, let's say with Instapage, that's just for John to promote your course. It has your and John's photos on it and you both talk about how awesome vegan baked goods are. There are buy buttons on this page.

Then, in Teachery, you'd add John's PayPal email address as an affiliate to your Vegan Bakes Goods course and whichever Payment Page (in your Teachery course) makes sense for John to promote (maybe you have a $50 payment page and a $150 payment page that gets some cool bonus). You DO NOT need to make individual Payment Pages in Teachery for each affiliate.

Once you've added John as an affiliate in Teachery, you (and John) get an email with John's affiliate links to your Payment Pages. Grab John's unique Payment Page affiliate links from that email and add them to the buy buttons on John's unique Landing Page you created (with Instapage). Then, John can promote that Landing Page and get all the awesome affiliate commissions when people buy the Vegan Baked Goods course you created. 🍪 🎉

Optional recommendation: We recommend creating a very simple Landing Page in Teachery for your course. You could hide 90% of the content on it, and just have it be a quick explanation of your course. Think of this like a catch-all if for some reason people start typing in random URLs with your course name (this is not necessary).

Reminder: If you DID use our Teachery Landing Pages, you wouldn't need to create unique Landing Pages ones for each affiliate. That's the beauty of using our built-in pages. However, we completely understand Teachery's Landing Pages don't have all the customization of companies that focus just on making awesome Landing Pages. 


There are a few things to note about our course affiliate program:

Payouts are made through PayPal

Your affiliate will need a PayPal address and you'll use this as their affiliate email address when adding them.

Payouts are made 30 days after a successful sale

We hold the affiliate commission for 30 days to ensure that there are no refunds or chargebacks*. If your affiliate has not received a payout after 30 days, there may have been a typo in their PayPal email address or they did not meet our $20 weekly payout threshold (commissions below $20 will wait until the affiliate has accrued $20 or more to be paid out in total OR if under $20, the affiliate will be paid within 6 months when we mass-process all commissions under $20). You can always see the pending payout amount next to your affiliate's email address in the Affiliate Dashboard.

We send emails to both of you

When a new affiliate is created or when a successful affiliate sale happens, both you and your affiliate receive emails. Make sure to keep the created affiliate emails in a safe place since they contain the affiliate URLs!

There is no affiliate dashboard for non-Teachery users

At this time, if your affiliates want to know how many customers they've referred, how much they have pending as a payout, or what their next payable payout is, you can provide this information to them from your Affiliate Dashboard. In the future, we hope to create a simple dashboard for your affiliates who don't use Teachery.

If your affiliate shares their affiliate URL, it will set a browser cookie on any visitor for 30 days. If they return to the payment page for your course within 30 days but don't use the exact affiliate URL (but visit the same payment page again) the affiliate will still get credit for the sale. This is standard affiliate practice and we use last-cookie tracking.

*Note about chargebacks or refunds after 30 days: If you have a successful affiliate sale occur and a customer has a successful chargeback after the 30 days (meaning: your customer got a refund from their credit card company after the affiliate commission was paid out), we will hold a negative balance on your affiliate. The next successful affiliate sale will be their commission less the negative balance from the previous refund.

Taxes with affiliate sales

Using Teachery's affiliate feature may make you subject to the tax laws of the affiliate’s state or country and, therefore, may impact sales of both digital and physical products across multiple platforms you use— not just sales made through Teachery. We strongly recommend that you consult your local tax professional about the implications of using this feature. It’s ultimately up to you to collect and remit the proper sales tax amounts on all sales made through your affiliates.

Recurring payments

Affiliates who refer new customers to Recurring Payment Page will earn a commission on all recurring revenue. In the case of a monthly recurring payment page, for example, the affiliate’s fee will be applied every month for as long as the customer they referred is subscribed.

Fees on affiliate sales

After a sale is made through an affiliate link, Teachery takes a small fee from the sale. The fee is taken only to cover the money transfer costs from Teachery to affiliate's PayPal account. This fee is calculated at 2% of successful affiliate commission (whether on a fixed payment or recurring payment). Once the fee is taken, we will send your affiliate their allocated percentage. [Example: Affiliate generates a sale of a $100 course at 50% commission. Teachery takes $1.00 (2% of $50) and pays affiliate $49.00 after 30 days.]

📌 NOTE: If you're viewing a payment in your Stripe account, the affiliate commission amount will be labeled as an "application fee."

Currency Conversion

For affiliate's sales in conversions other than USD ($), there is an additional 3% currency exchange fee (this is dictated by our payment processor). The total fees an affiliate will automatically incur upon a successful conversion are 5% (2% for transfer and 3% for currency exchange). 

^By enabling course affiliates you agree to our course affiliates' terms and conditions.

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