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Features We Don't Support: Quizzes and Certificates
Features We Don't Support: Quizzes and Certificates

If you're looking to add a quiz to your course or send a certificate upon course completion, here's what we suggest...

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While we'd love to add every feature possible to Teachery, quizzes, surveys, and completion certificates are not on our development roadmap at this time. However, we have some recommendations for you that use our powerful "Add Content Block" feature within your course lessons:

Embedded Quizzes

1️⃣ Google Forms is a great, simple free option for creating embedded quizzes.

2️⃣ Typeform's Quizzes are a solid option with a lot more functionality and brand-ability. They have a free pricing plan to start, but it is limited.

3️⃣ Tally's Free Quiz Maker is gaining popularity and if you're familiar with Notion, you'll really enjoy using their interface (free plan available too!)

There are many other quiz/assessment tools available and if a tool you find offers embed code (script or iframe), that can be added to any lesson within Teachery 👍 👍 .

Course Certificates

You can easily create your own course certificates using Google Slides, Powerpoint, Keynote, Canva, or other certificate-creation programs. In Teachery, you can include these certificates as a link in your Course Completed email (an email Teachery sends to your students once they complete a course).

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