If you don’t use our MailChimp or ConvertKit integrations, you can manually export your customer's data via a simple CSV file. Also, if you create a sales/landing page and want to capture emails, those emails are stored for you in Teachery and can quickly be exported as well and imported into the email marketing provider of your choice.

To Download Your Payment Page Customer Activity

  • Login to your Teachery account >>
  • From the dashboard, click the "View All" button in the top right >>
  • Click the "Download Customer List (CSV) button in the top right >>
  • Open the CSV file in Excel or Google Sheets!

Note: Some Teachery customers have reported weird behavior of the CSV when importing into Numbers (on a Mac). You can fix this by opening the CSV in Google Sheets, downloading it as a new CSV from there, then opening in Numbers.


To Download Your Landing Page Email Capture CSV

If you're using a Landing Page to capture emails, and not using MailChimp or ConvertKit, Teachery will store the emails you capture in a CSV file for you. This can easily be found and exported by...

  • Logging into your Teachery account >>
  • Clicking into the course where you have an email capture landing page >>
  • Under the landing page name in the sidebar, click "Email Leads" >>
  • Click the "Download Email List" (CSV) button


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