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IMPORTANT: We have retired our Lifetime Plan and it is no longer available. It lived a good life and is now spending quality time at a nice open retirement pasture with other expired membership plans.

(The information below is for our existing Lifetime Plan members for reference)


We often get asked, "Is your Lifetime Plan for real??"

And the answer is: YES!

In early 2016 we decided to stop operating like other online course platforms, especially when it comes to pricing for our customers. We removed fees completely from our plans and we added a Lifetime Plan option ($900).


Why offer a Lifetime Plan?

There aren't a lot of opportunities out there that just seem too good to be true. We feel our Lifetime Plan is one of those awesome opportunities. If you were to use another course platform that charged you transaction fees and your course(s) started selling well, you could quickly get to $900 in fees. Our Lifetime Plan is a great way for you to invest in a course software that will continue to get better over time, that you'll never have to pay another single dollar for.


How long can we guarantee a Lifetime Plan?

No one can guarantee anything! Just like any other service provider, nothing is absolutely guaranteed. We plan on keeping Teachery around for quite some time. We've invested heavily in Teachery, and want to see it live on for many years to come.

We had a lawyer write up some fancy talk for this: Teachery makes no guarantee that it will be in business for your lifetime, or any amount of time after your purchase of the lifetime account. Teachery will give all lifetime account holders 30-days notice in case of any pending changes to Teachery such as: Sale of the company to another entity, Closing down of the company and liquidating of assets.


If you're already on a Teachery plan, can you apply your previous payments as a discount to the Lifetime Plan?

No. That's the short answer. The longer answer is: Our Lifetime Plan is a pretty sweet deal. It's essentially the same price you'd pay for two years of Teachery use. We don't believe in discounting our Lifetime Plan, and hope you understand how awesome of a deal it is.


Is there any fine print about the Lifetime Plan?

More fancy lawyer talk: Lifetime Plans are sold at a rate determined by Teachery and are paid, in-full, up-front, through Teachery’s payment processor. Lifetime accounts will be maintained to the best of the ability of Teachery, while Teachery is an active company. During the time of your active lifetime account, you shall never be charged any additional fees by Teachery unless agreed upon by both parties. There are no refunds for lifetime accounts.

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