Adding Google Analytics to your course
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To get in-depth analytics about how your students are using your course, we highly recommend adding Google Analytics.

Here's how to add Google Analytics to your course:

  1. Get the Google Analytics ID from your Google Analytics admin >>

  2. Click whichever course you want to edit from the Courses page in Teachery >>

  3. Scroll down and click "Course Settings" in the left sidebar >>

  4. Then click Manage Options >>

  5. Find the Google Analytics ID field and paste your Google Analytics ID number (ex: UA-52722923-1)

  6. Click the Save button and you're all done โœ…

Once you've added Google Analytics to your Course Options it will pull in data for all lessons, landing pages, and payment pages associated with your course - huzzah!

If you have multiple courses, you'll need to add your Google Analytics ID to EACH course by following the steps above.

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