Your courses can have as many lessons (and sub-lessons) as your course-creating-heart desires! 

If you want to dive right into the lesson walk-through video, go ahead and do that below. You'll learn how to add images, PDFs, videos, and other content in your Teachery course.

❌👉 Important note about adding any written content in Teachery: We DO NOT recommend using Microsoft Word and copying + pasting your content from Word into Teachery. If you want to use Word to write you course content, please copy + paste into a simple tool like EditPad, then copy + paste from EditPad to Teachery. 


These are the editable section of a Lesson within your course in Teachery:

  • Lesson Name
  • Lesson Title
  • Intro Text Section (a large text area)
  • Lesson Resources Box*
  • Add Content (Video/Audio, etc)
  • Transcript Section (another large text area)
  • Add Comments (learn more here)
  • Completed Button
  • Next Lesson Button

All of these different sections of a lesson are editable and will save automatically while you are making updates or changes (yay!).

*The Lesson Resources box in the Default course template will display in two places in a lesson. You can always hide it and use the Intro or Transcript sections as places to share lesson resources if you don't want to use the Lesson Resources box.

Things To Note About Lessons

🏞 For image hosting:

Use our built-in image upload tool. Click into any text area within a lesson and you should see an image icon with a (+) on it. Read our help doc on uploading images.

📑 For uploading files:

If you want to link to PDFs, spreadsheets, or any other files for your students to download, simply highlight any text and upload a file to it.

🎥 Recommended video hosting (Teachery does NOT host your videos):

We let the video hosting pros handle this task in Teachery (Wistia, YouTube, Vimeo, etc). Read our help doc on adding videos.

🔊 Recommended audio hosting:

If you only need audio lessons, or you want to add audio lessons in addition to your video lessons, we recommend Soundcloud. They have a free plan to start and their embeddable player is very easy to use and works perfectly within Teachery lessons. Read our help doc on adding audio.

Copying + Pasting text:

Certain sites or apps will add code to text behind the scenes (like Evernote or MS Word). When you copy your course text from a program (like Evernote), it may cause issues in Teachery. It's best to copy your text from a program like Evernote and paste it into a Google Doc or a simple text editing program like TextEdit before copying + pasting into Teachery.


Need to delete a lesson in your course?

This is easy! Simply click into edit your course and you'll see a red trash can icon you can click to delete the lesson. Be careful: You can't undo this action.


Without further ado, here's the lesson walk-through video...

Here's a list of timestamps in the video if you want to jump to different parts:

  • 1:17 - Editing the name and URL of your lesson
  • 1:50 - Brief introduction of drip scheduling your lesson
  • 3:20 - Adding text and images to your lesson
  • 7:46 - Customizing the HTML of your lesson
  • 8:18 - Linking to PDFs, spreadsheets, etc in your lesson
  • 9:36 - Adding/embedding content (Videos, Audio, etc) in your lesson
  • 12:55 - Moving text and images to different sections in your lesson
  • 13:45 - Adding comments to your lesson
  • 14:00 - Editing the completed and next lesson buttons in your lesson


💡 Bonus-Tip: Want to Add Lesson Image Thumbnails on the Overview Page of Your Course?

While Teachery lessons aren't designed out of the box to have image thumbnails on the Overview Page of your course, you can accomplish this very easily:

Step #1: Click into the Lesson you want to edit

Step #2: In the "Lesson Title" field you'll want to add an image below the Lesson Title text (or you can remove the text if you don't want text).

Step #3: Click back to the Overview Page of your course OR click the "Preview Course" link in the top left of the sidebar to see your course overview page in action!

TA-DA! 🤗

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