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Creating Course Lessons and Adding Course Content
Creating Course Lessons and Adding Course Content

How to add written content, images, videos, upload files, etc to your course. And how to add image thumbnails to your course Overview page.

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Your courses can have as many lessons (and sublessons) as your course-creating-heart desires! 

If you want to dive right into the lesson walk-through video, go ahead and do that below. You'll learn how to add images, PDFs, videos, and other content in your Teachery course.

⛔️ Important note about adding any written content in Teachery: We DO NOT recommend using Microsoft Word and copying + pasting your content from Word into Teachery. If you want to use Word to write your course content, please copy + paste into a simple tool like EditPad, then copy + paste from EditPad to Teachery. 

✍️ These are the editable sections of a Lesson

  • Lesson Name

  • Lesson Title

  • Intro Text Section (a large text area)

  • Lesson Resources Box*

  • Add Content (Video/Audio, etc)

  • Transcript Section (just another large text area)

  • Add Comments (learn more here)

  • Completed Button

  • Next Lesson Button

All of these different sections of a lesson are editable and will save automatically while you are making updates or changes (yay!).

*The Lesson Resources box in the Sidebar Course Template will display in two places in a lesson. You can always hide it and use the Intro or Transcript sections as places to share lesson resources if you don't want to use the Lesson Resources box.

👉 START HERE: An introduction to our Lesson Pages in Teachery

Lessons are going to be the core of your amazing online course, so let us walk you through how they work in our online course platform. The video below breaks down the basics of lessons and lesson controls, including:

  • Adding new Lessons and Sublessons

  • Editing the Lesson Name or Lesson URL

  • Copying the Lesson URL (remember, someone has to have access to your course to view a Lesson URL or your course has to be publicly available)

  • Editing the Lesson Drip Schedule (Locking Lessons)

  • Duplicating a Lesson

  • Deleting a Lesson

  • Previewing a Lesson

💡 Wondered how to change the Lesson Name text in the editor sidebar? Just click the "Edit Lesson Name/URL" button on the top of a lesson and update the name!

📍 PRO-TIP! f you're looking to change the name of your Lesson (or Subesson) in the left sidebar of the Teachery editor, you change that text in Actions > Edit Lesson Name/URL.

⚙️ How to use our friendly editor to add/edit content in various sections of a Lesson

Our lessons have a simple layout and structure to them. Watch the video below to get the hang of editing a lesson, adding content to it (images, videos, etc), as well as a bunch of other helpful tips.

NOTE: The light blue sections you see anywhere in Teachery denote those are editable. If you want to add your own language to your course, just type in your own language and you're good to go!

🏞 How to add images to your Lesson Pages

Using our built-in image tool is a breeze!

  • Click into any text area >>

  • Hit enter/return on your keyboard to start a new line >>

  • Click the Quick Insert button and then the image icon >>

  • Select the image from your computer >>

  • Ta-da! 🤗 (See the GIF below as an example)

Read our help doc on uploading images if you want to learn about adding images from external URLs, creating image thumbnails on the Overview page of your course, and more!

📑 How to Upload Files for your customers to download

If you want to create links to PDFs, spreadsheets, or any other files for your students to download, simply highlight any text and upload a file to it. Below, we have a quick GIF and an additional short walkthrough video for you.

Note: The maximum file size we allow you to upload is 10MB per file. If you need to share large files, host those yourself (via Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and just add the file URL as a text link to any text.

🎥 How to add videos to your Lessons (we do NOT host your videos in Teachery)

We let the video hosting pros handle this task in Teachery (Wistia, YouTube, Vimeo, etc). There's an example video shown below for Vimeo.

Read our full help doc on adding videos for more information, as well as walkthrough videos for YouTube and Wistia.

🔃 How to Sort Lessons (two options)

If you want to change the order of your lessons, we give you two ways to sort your lessons.

Sort Lessons Option #1: Drag and drop lessons directly in the left sidebar. If you are using Sublessons, you can drag these to new parent Lessons.

Sort Lessons Options #2: Use the Lesson Drip Options Page if you have more lessons or just want a larger viewing experience to drag and drop lessons.



💡 Bonus-Tip: Want to Add Lesson Image Thumbnails on the Overview Page of Your Course?

While Teachery lessons aren't designed out of the box to have image thumbnails on the Overview Page of your course, you can accomplish this very easily:

Step #1: Click into the Lesson you want to edit

Step #2: In the "Lesson Title" field you'll want to add an image below the Lesson Title text (or you can remove the text if you don't want text).

  • TIP: Once the image is uploaded, click it and use the Style button, and set the image to Full Width to fill the entire area nicely!

Step #3: Click back to the Overview Page of your course OR click the "Preview Course" link in the top left of the sidebar to see your course overview page in action!

TA-DA! 🤗

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