If setting up a custom domain is like running a marathon, setting up a custom subdomain is like going for a leisurely jog around the block. This is why we recommend our course creators use subdomains over full custom domains. 

What's the difference between the two?

  • mycoursewebsite.com is a custom domain
  • course.mycoursewebsite.com is a custom subdomain (the type we recommend)

There's nothing wrong with using a custom domain and we've created a help article about that here.

👉 Before you get started, a note about SSL (https://) and custom subdomains

When adding a custom subdomain to your course, we do not include SSL on your subdomain. This is something we have to pay for per domain that gets added to Teachery. If it is important to you to have SSL on your domain when adding it to Teachery we can help set this up for you at an additional cost of $150 per year. Simple reach out to us via the chat bubble in the bottom right of your window and include:

  • Your course name
  • The custom subdomain URL
  • Your account email address
  • Acknowledgement that you are paying $150 per year
  • Acknowledgement that you followed the steps below and added the custom subdomain to your course via your domain registrar 

IMPORTANT: Adding SSL to your custom subdomain is NOT mandatory by any means and we will always redirect your customers to a SSL URL when processing any payment information. 


✅ Here's how easy it is to setup a custom subdomain in Teachery:

  • Login to your domain registrar (Google Domains shown below) >>
  • Create a new DNS record >>
  • Add course.myurl.com as the name, change the type to CNAME, set the TTL to 1h, and the data/value* to www.teachery.co >>
  • Login to your Teachery account >>
  • Click into the course you want to set your domain for >>
  • Click "SETTINGS", then "Manage Options" in the left sidebar >>
  • In the "Custom Domain" field add course.myurl.com >>
  • Now wait patiently for your domain to propagate!

*Some domain registrars require an IP address, please use:

Here's a screenshot of setting the subdomain record in a Google Domains account:

Here's what the correctly added DNS change should look like in a Google Domains account:

Here's where you add your custom domain in the Manage Options section of your course in Teachery:


A few things to note about setting up your custom subdomain:

  • Setting up a subdomain does not affect the root domain (in the example above: myurl.com would not change or point to Teachery).
  • Every domain registrar is different, and if you can't access your DNS settings, contact support at your domain registrar.
  • Every course in Teachery can have it's own unique subdomain (just repeat the steps above and pick a different subdomain for each).
  • Most domain registrars have their own help docs about DNS setup if you need help with your specific registrar.
  • If you're using Teachery's Payment Pages, those are the only pages that won't use a custom domain or subdomain (because we handle the SSL security of the payment forms).
  • Custom domains should be written in lowercase (awesome.domain.com, not Awesome.Domain.com)


Important note about domain propagation:

Domain propagation simply means how long it takes for your new subdomain to point correctly to Teachery. It can take 24-48 hours for propagation to finish, so plan accordingly. You can check if your domain has finished propagating by using a site like DNSchecker.org.

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