It is with great jubilation and excitement that we share Teachery’s Minimal Theme! A simpler and cleaner template for your online courses. 🎉

Why create a second course template?

The original course template for Teachery was designed all the way back in 2013. In Internet years, that’s like the Stone Age (or maybe the Bronze Age?) Nonetheless, it was time for another course layout option for our course creators.

I have the good fortune of being friends with one of the most talented designers in the world: Paul Jarvis. When Paul created his own online course called Creative Class, I knew it was going to look good. And boy was I right! The second I laid eyes on the design and layout for his course, I started scheming ways that we could borrow the layout and design for Teachery’s customers. Through lots of sweet-talking and promises to mail Paul Swedish Fish (the candy, not live fish), we had his permission to borrow his course design.

The Minimal Theme wouldn’t exist without Paul Jarvis’ design talent, and his willingness to share that talent. We are stoked to be able to offer this theme at no extra charge to our customers!

Wait, no extra charge for the Minimal Theme?

You read that correctly. The Minimal Theme is included in all existing and future Teachery accounts at no extra cost. 

We’ve invested a lot of time and money into this new course template, because we believe it helps our customers build truly beautiful online courses. We could have made it a purchasable add-on. We could have done some fancy up-sell. Heck, we probably should have done that so we could have given Paul some money. 😂

But we aren’t charging for it, because that’s how we roll around here!

Take a look at the versatility of our new course template

Here are a couple courses I mocked up to show you how customizable the Minimal Theme is, and how unique it can make your courses look with just a little bit of effort.

Having some fun with a wide header image with multiple design elements:

One of my favorite things to do with the new template is play around with a single background color:

Here’s a silly course that lets the content do the talking (this is a Lesson View):

And here’s a course layout that shows a fun little trick you can do with the header image (making the bottom edge look cropped). This also shows how we organize sublessons within a lesson of a course using the Minimal Theme:

Think of the Minimal Theme like a WordPress Theme

If you’re familiar with WordPress, our two course templates are going work similarly (without the installation headaches you get with WordPress). The content you add to your course: Header image, Lessons, Sublessons, Lesson Content, Payment Pages, etc. All of that good stuff gets applied to whichever course template you choose, with no extra work on your end.

Where the course templates have a life of their own, is in the course styling. So, like a WordPress theme/template, you can switch back and forth between the Default Theme and Minimal Theme and your course can look very different, but the content will always be the same.

NOTE: The separate course templates have their own set of styles. You can switch back and forth between the templates and they’ll both retain their unique styling options.

Here’s an example of a free course we give to all our customers using the Default Theme:

And here’s the exact same course, switched over to the the Minimal Theme with slightly different styling:

How can existing (and new) Teachery customers access the Minimal Theme?

If you’re creating a brand new course, it’s incredibly easy:

  • Go to your Teachery Dashboard
  • Click the Create Course button
  • You’ll see a dropdown menu to select the new Minimal Theme

If you want to change the theme on an existing course, it’s also super easy:

  • Select the course you want to edit from your Teachery Dashboard
  • Inside the course editor scroll down to the Manage Options link (in the sidebar)
  • Select the Minimal Theme from the Template dropdown (and hit Save)

NOTE: Switching to the Minimal Theme will update your course automatically. We recommend making the switch in off-hours if you have students actively taking your courses.

And that’s how easy it is!

We can’t wait to see what you do with the Minimal Theme. 👍🏼

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