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Adding Comments (Disqus) To Your Courses
Adding Comments (Disqus) To Your Courses

Want your course students to interact and communicate with you or each other within lessons of your course? Use Disqus!

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Our comments system is powered by Disqus so you’ll need a Disqus account, but don’t worry… Disqus is free.

We chose to use Disqus for in-course discussion because they’ve done an amazing job at building one of the most used discussion/commenting platforms on the web.

👋 Please make sure to read the "IMPORTANT" note at the bottom of this help doc if you start using Disqus.

Note: If you want an alternate simpler commenting solution from Disqus with less visual overwhelm (and features), check out Create a free account with them, grab the embed script they provide, then add that embed script into a "Content Block" at the bottom of your course lesson. You'll add the embed script in EVERY lesson where you'd like commenting to show up if you use Thanks to Teachery user Michelle for the hat-tip on this alternative solution!

How to Add Disqus to your Teachery Course

FIRST STEP: You'll need to grab (or create) your Disqus Shortname, which is DIFFERENT from your Disqus Username.

We've recorded a video to help walk you through the Disqus setup process and how to grab your shortname:

Here’s the written version of what you can watch in the video above:

  • Log in to your account on Teachery >>

  • Edit any course you’ve already created >>

  • Click a lesson in the sidebar you want to include commenting/discussion on >>

  • Click the “Add Comments” button toward the bottom of a lesson >>

  • Teachery will prompt you to add your Disqus Shortname (this is different from your Disqus username) >>

  • IF you’re a wizard 🧙‍♂️ and know your Disqus Shortname, go ahead and add it to the modal window and hit Save >>

  • IF you’re not a wizard (and we aren’t either) log in to Disqus, Click the Gear Icon (top right), and Add Disqus to Site (quick link) >>

  • Once you create your Disqus Shortname enter it on Teachery and commenting/discussion is now enabled for your course!

You can turn comments ON or OFF for each lesson of your course, giving you maximum flexibility to allow discussion in only the lessons of your choosing!

🥴 Did you enter your Disqus Shortname incorrectly and need to change it?

Nooooo worries! While editing your course click the Course Settings options from the left sidebar and then click Manage Options. Scroll down and you'll find the "Enable Comments" field to edit your Disqus Shortname.

Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the Manage Options page and hit the Save Options button and you'll be all set 🎉 .

👉 IMPORTANT: Change Two Advanced Settings in Disqus

There have been a few isolated issues where random links are being added to comments and this is easy to fix. Here are the steps to take:

  1. In Disqus go to Admin > Settings > Advanced

  2. Affiliate Links > UNCHECK this setting if it is checked

  3. Trusted Domains > Add and any custom domain(s) you're using for your course(s) 


And that is how you add commenting/discussion in any (or all) lessons of your course on Teachery. Now you can engage and interact with your students, or better yet, let them engage and interact with each other!

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