We've created an integration with MailChimp so you can easily add your course customers to your MailChimp Lists via Teachery Payment Pages or Teachery Landing pages. Let's jump into how to make this happen:

Step 1: Connect Your MailChimp Account to Teachery

To do that you’ll need a MailChimp API key. To get your key, login to your MailChimp account and navigate to Account > Extras > API Keys. From there click the “Create A Key” and copy the API that is generated.

*If you don’t already have an email list created within MailChimp, now would be a good time to create one.


Step 2: Add Your API Key To Teachery

Go to your My Account page in Teachery, paste the API Key into the MailChimp integration form field, and hit “Save”. If you've made the computer gods happy, you'll see a green confirmation message. If not, please contact us.


Step 3: Connect A Teachery Landing Page (or Payment Page) To A MailChimp List

From here you want to create your landing page (or payment page), or update an existing one. Landing pages can serve two purposes: to send users to a Teachery payment page or to capture email addresses. We’re going to set this one up to capture email addresses since our hypothetical course is still in development and not ready for launch.

To capture email addresses from your landing page, simply click the “Switch to Email Capture” button in the editor window. Once your page has been configured to capture emails, “Connect Email Provider” (previously "Connect Mailchimp") option will appear in the top navigation. To complete your integration, simply select an email list to send emails to.


Step 4: Make "Last Name" (aka LNAME) Field NOT REQUIRED in Your MailChimp Signup Form Form (or 

Teachery only requires the First Name and Email Address. Here's how to make the Last Name field not required in your signup form in MailChimp:

  • Login to your MailChimp account.
  • Click "Lists" in the top navigation.
  • Click the down arrow on the far right of the list you're using for your Teachery integration. Then click the "Signup forms" link.
  • Click "General Forms."
  • Make sure you're looking at the "Signup form" in the dropdown.
  • Click the Last Name field in the form in the form builder and uncheck the "Required field" checkbox.
  • You're all set! 

Step 5: Get Those Subscribers!

Now whenever someone fills out your landing page form the email will automatically be added to your MailChimp list! Once your course is ready to launch you’ll have a ready-made list of potential customers to market to.

Don't forget your payment pages: The same “Connect Email Provider” option is available on all of your payment pages making it super easy to automatically build up a list of your course students!

Email is a super effective marketing vehicle and you now have an easy way to start building your list. So get your MailChimp account, put a landing page together, and start marketing your course!

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