If someone has purchased your course and can't remember how to login to view the course, there's an easy way to get them a login link:

  • Login to Teachery >>
  • Click into the course they need a login link to >>
  • On the Overview page, click the "Copy URL" button in the top navigation >>
  • In an Incognito Window (Google Chrome) or completely different browser where you aren't logged in, open a new web page and paste the URL (but don't hit enter yet). Change the URL to say /login instead of /dashboard >>
  • Share the resulting link with your student/customer!

Similarly, if someone has forgotten their password, you can manually reset it for them by going to the /login page for your course and clicking "Forgot Password?" Then, enter their email address and Teachery will send them a password reset email.

Here's a helpful video to walk you through this:

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