Teachery Landing Pages can be used in two different ways. They can also be heavily customized and styled to match your existing branding.

Our single Landing Page template has been thoroughly tested for maximum conversion rate.

Watch our walk-through video on Landing Pages (or scroll to keep reading):


Use a Landing Pages as your course sales page

Building your online course is great, but selling your online course is probably more important. We all have to be able to buy our gluten-free, dolphin-safe, organic groceries right? 

With Landing Pages in Teachery, you can create a compelling sales proposition to your potential customer, all within our easy to use editor. We've built a template that's flexible and has these available sections to customize:

  • Introduction 
  • Course Sales Video
  • Course Features List
  • Testimonials
  • About Course Author
  • Lesson Descriptions
  • Course Preview
  • Sales/Package Boxes (1 or 2)*
  • Footer

And, our Landing Pages are fully brand-able and customizable!

*NOTE: If you're creating a Landing Page and you do not click the green "Set Payment Page" button and set the payment page or add an external link the sales/package section will NOT display (this is a failsafe to avoid your customers seeing a button that has nothing to click on)

Use Landing Pages as email capture pages

Not quite ready to have people buy your course? We highly recommend marketing your course well before it’s completed. You can do that with our Landing Pages! Simply click the “Email Page” button on our landing page editor (look for the orange button in the Sales/Email section of your Landing Page) and you’ll be able to capture email addresses immediately.

Email integration: You can integrate Mailchimp or ConvertKit within your Landing Page(s) email capture, or our Zapier Integration for other email providers, or you can export the CSV of emails collected and import them into your email provider.

Our Landing Pages are smart 🤓

Want to use a Landing Page to capture email addresses for a month, then use the same page to sell your online course? You’re in luck! With one click of your mouse, you can turn any email capture Landing Page into a sales page instantaneously. 

You don’t have to update any URLs. You don’t have to do anything with plugins. You simply click one button and you can go from collecting email addresses to getting paid!

What do Teachery Landing Pages look like?

Great question! Paul Jarvis, a friend of Teachery, was kind enough to let us borrow one of his designs as the framework for our landing pages. Here's an example Landing Page set to email capture:


Want to duplicate an existing landing page? 

Click into the page you want to duplicate and then use the Duplicate button in the top nav to make the magic happen!

How can you get started with Landing Pages?

If you already have a Teachery account, Landing Pages are available to you right now. Just login, navigate to the course editor on one of your courses, and you’ll see “Landing Pages” in the sidebar. There’s also a “Landing Page” link in the Style Editor section as well.

We don't limit the amount of landing pages you can create and there is no additional cost for this feature. It’s one of our goals at Teachery to give you as many tools as possible to be able to sell your online courses.

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