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We're big fans of ConvertKit (aff link) here at Teachery and that's why they're one of two email providers we have direct integrations with.

πŸ’‘ If you're wondering if we'll be adding any other email providers as direct integrations in Teachery in the future (FloDesk, Active Campaign, etc) the answer is unfortunately no. BUT, you can use our Zapier integration for that!

The quick-and-dirty of how to integrate your ConvertKit account with your Teachery account is this:

  • Login to Teachery >>

  • Click Account in the top navigation >>

  • Click the Integrations link option >>

  • Scroll down to find the ConvertKit area >>

  • Enter your ConvertKit API Key and click Save >>

  • You're integrated! βœ…

Here's a video to walk you through our ConvertKit integration and how you can use it within your Payment and Landing Pages:

πŸ’‘ Recommendation: Create individual ConvertKit Forms for Teachery Payment or Landing Pages

We recommend that you create new forms for each Teachery Payment or Landing Page. This way, you can track exactly what's happening between ConvertKit and Teachery, plus you can set up some fun automations in ConvertKit with your course.

Every Payment or Landing Page lets you choose which ConvertKit form you want to send data through to (they can all go to separate CK Forms!)

NOTE: If you want to test if your ConvertKit integration is working, simply purchase your own course via a Payment Page (using a unique email address, NOT your Teachery account email address) or via Landing Page using Email Capture Mode.


βš™οΈ Example Email Automation: Send a follow-up email sequence after a customer purchases via a Teachery Payment Page

  • In ConvertKit...

  • Create a new Sequence in ConvertKit >>

  • Write your sequence emails and set the dates you want them to send (after the purchase happens in Teachery) >>

  • Publish your sequence so it's live and ready to send >>

  • Create a new Automation (Add Rule) in ConvertKit >>

  • Create a trigger for when someone Subscribes to a form they automatically Subscribe to a Sequence >>

  • You're all done in ConvertKit!

  • In Teachery...

  • Edit the Payment Page customers will buy from >>

  • Click the Connect Email Provider button at the top and select the ConvertKit Form and hit Save >>

  • You're all done in Teachery!

You can test this automation by purchasing your own course through your Teachery payment page that has the correct ConvertKit form added to it (the one you just picked in the automation steps above). If you get the first email in the ConvertKit Sequence, you're good to go!

NOTE: Make sure to use a unique email address when buying your own course (separate from your Teachery Account email address).

Learn a ton more about ConvertKit's automations here.

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