When we first started developing Teachery, we thought a course with 10-15 lessons would be typical. But as we slowly opened the doors to more users we started receiving a lot of feedback from authors with courses containing 30-50 lessons. Courses that large in scope would look daunting to new students with our current templates.

All that changes with the addition of… Sublessons!

Getting started with Sublessons is super easy:

Once you have at least one main lesson in your course the “Add Sub Lesson” link will appear below the “Add Lesson” link in your sidebar. Sublessons are managed in the same way you already manage lessons. So you will edit, sort, and delete using the same methods you already know. Yay muscle memory!

Sublessons is a simple, yet powerful feature that makes organizing your course a breeze. 

Sublessons are automatically displayed in a beautiful rollup at the bottom of your lesson’s main content as well as in the sidebar of your course for easy accessibility. Now your Lesson pages can become landing points for deep dives into larger modules of content.

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