Adding a Sublesson to a Lesson within your course is really easy! Once you have at least one main lesson in your course the “Add Sub Lesson” link will appear below the “Add Lesson” link in the sidebar of our course editor.

Sublessons are managed and edited in the same way you already manage lessons. You will edit, sort, and delete using the same methods you already know. Yay muscle memory!

If you ever need to Duplicate or Delete a Sublesson, that's done the same way you do it in any Lesson using the action buttons in the top navigation bar (while editing that specific Sublesson/Lesson).

The Edit Lesson Name/URL button is how you can change the label in the left sidebar if you ever need to update that!

🧑‍💻 Sublessons are displayed differently depending on which Course Template (Minimal or Sidebar) you are using


For our default course template (Minimal), Sublessons are displayed on the Overview page of your course via clicking the second (Sublessons) button:

And when you're viewing a Lesson, the Sublessons are shown in a box in the righthand column (under Lesson Resources):

For the Sidebar Template when you're on the Overview page, Sublessons are shown in the left sidebar nested underneath their parent Lesson.

And when you're inside a Lesson using the Sidebar Template, the Sublessons are displayed with an accordion-style view where they can be opened and closed directly within the parent Lesson (they can also be clicked in the sidebar to be shown in full by themselves).

🚛 How to sort Sublessons (simple drag and drop!)

You can quickly and easily move one Sublesson to another parent Lesson simply by dragging and dropping it from the left sidebar while editing your course. It really is that easy!

(No matter which Course Template you use, sidebar sorting works the same in both Templates 👍).

If you're looking for a bit more room to sort your Lessons/Sublessons or you just have a lot more lessons, click into the Lesson Drip Options page in the editor sidebar and you can also drag and drop lessons here!

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