Changing Your Course Font

You can choose from 50+ Google Fonts for your course and you can set different fonts throughout different text areas.

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Changing your course font in Teachery is easy as pie (mmm, pie 🍰)! We have two ways you can customize your fonts within your course.

The default font we use for new courses created in Teachery is Proxima Nova.

πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ If you're a CSS wizard, we have a few handy Custom CSS tricks related to fonts and font sizing.

1️⃣ Setting Your Global Font Style

Your global font style is how you can change your font throughout every page and text area of your course with ONE button. Hurray, buttons.

  • Login to Teachery >>

  • Select the course you want to edit >>

  • Make sure you're viewing the Overview page (in the sidebar) >>

  • Click the Actions button and then Change Course Font option >>

  • Select your font and hit save! βœ…

πŸ‘‹ NOTE: Selecting a global font for your course will apply that font to ALL course lessons, sublessons, payment pages, landing pages, etc. Yep, we've made it that easy for you to change your course font!


2️⃣ Setting Custom Font for Individual Text Areas

Now, let's say you know you want to use the font Georgia for your main headings throughout all your course pages. You'd set your global font to Georgia. Then, let's say you want your body font in all the lesson text areas to be Roboto. You'll simply hop into each lesson and text area, highlight the text you want to change, and select the font from the dropdown menu in the toolbar!Β 

Here's a GIF example of clicking into an editable text area, highlighting the text you want to change the font of, and selecting a custom font just for that text:


πŸ‘‹ Quick Note About Custom Fonts in Emails

You can customize the fonts in your Welcome, Course Completed, and Failed Payment Emails within Teachery (just click to edit those emails, highlight the email text and change the font).
BUT.... Just know that choosing a custom font for your emails is different from your course pages. Emails do not render fonts as web pages do, you will want to stick to these TWO standard system fonts that most people have already installed on their computers:

  • Arial

  • Georgia

Again, this is ONLY a consideration for your course emails. And if you do pick a different from Arial or Georgia, just know someone's email inbox will render a default system font (no biggie).Β 

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