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How To Add Customers Or Students To Your Course
How To Add Customers Or Students To Your Course

Not sure how to give access to your customers or students, here's how!

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One of the fundamental parts of any course platform is understanding how "access" works. Much like how you have to have an account (with a login and password) to access Teachery, your customer needs something similar to access your course.

There are two main ways you give your customers or students access to your course(s) in Teachery.

Before we talk about the two ways, you may be wondering:

Do I have to publish my course before I give someone access to it?

The answer is.... NO 😊. Teachery courses are all published by default and the only publishing action you need to take is making sure your lessons are published. No one can find your course unless YOU give them a way to do so!

When you feel your course is ready for customers, you have two options...

Option #1: Use a Payment Page (free or paid)

We have an entire help doc on Creating and Editing a Payment Page. But the short and sweet version of that help doc says:

  1. Create a Payment Page (free or paid)

  2. Customize the Payment Page to your liking

  3. Share the Payment Page public URL with whoever you want to gain access to your course!

  4. That's it! πŸŽ‰

Through the Payment Page method, your customer will register for your course and will receive immediate access to your course. They will also receive your course's Welcome Email which has a handy login URL they can use to get back into the course at a later date.

You can create as many Payment Pages as you like and they can be used in conjunction with our Promo Codes and even placed on our Landing Pages.

Option #2: Manually Add Customers

There is a full help doc on the topic of Manually Adding Customers to your Course, but we'll give you the quick steps here:

  1. On the main Teach page of your Teachery account, click Customers >>

  2. Then click the + Add Customer to Course or Theme button >>

  3. Enter your customer's name, email address, and choose your course >>

  4. Click the + Add customer button

  5. That's it! βœ…

Your customer will receive your course's Welcome Email with the login URL included. This login URL in the Welcome Email is intelligent and will ask them to create a password and then get access to your course. Easy peasy!

And there you have it! That's how you can give access to your course(s) when you're just getting started with a course.

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