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Sell Something Outside of Teachery as an Upsell (Coaching Call, Physical Product, etc)
Sell Something Outside of Teachery as an Upsell (Coaching Call, Physical Product, etc)

How to use an Upsell and a "fake" course to add anything outside of Teachery as an add-on during customer checkout.

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πŸ“ NOTE: If you haven't read/watched our Upsells Introduction help doc, please check that out first to familiarize yourself with our Upsells feature.

We understand that you are a VERY creative person and may have something other than a course you want to add as an Upsell on your Payment Page - yay, you!

You CAN offer something other than a course as an Upsell BUT that offer does have to be created as a course in Teachery πŸ€ͺ.

Let's look at an example of wanting to add a 1-Hour Zoom call as an Upsell:

  • You have an awesome $100 course about sourdough bread-baking called Sourdough Your Life 🍞

  • As an Upsell, you are offering a 1-Hour Live Zoom call and want to price the zoom-zoom at $75 (you typically charge $150 for this call)

  • You are going to create a *NEW* Teachery course just for your 1-Hour Live Zoom call. The course Welcome Email can do ALL the magic for you!

πŸ“™ NOTE: If your Upsell is a physical product and you need to collect the Shipping Address of your customer, don't forget there are shipping information fields you can add to any Payment Page (look for the orange button labeled "Add Shipping Fields").

STEP #1: Create the *NEW* course in your Teachery account that you will use the Welcome Email to redeem the Upsell Offer.

You are hopefully very familiar with creating new courses, so we won't spend too much time on that. The only important thing to note is the Course Name will be displayed in the Upsell offer box, so make sure to name your course appropriately (in our example, the new course is named "1-Hour Live Sourdough Zoom."

😘 RECOMMENDATION: While you may never give the login link to your customer to view this new course (more on that in Step #2), your customer COULD find this course if they log in to Teachery and view their Purchased Courses. We would highly recommend adding a simple header image to the course and adding some text to the Overview Page with instructions on redeeming the Upsell offer.

Here's the example "1-Hour Live Sourdough Zoom" course with a simple header image and text added to the Overview Page:

Pro-Tip: If you're creating a "fake" redemption course, it's a great idea to add a link to the Course Login page for the main course. It'll help avoid any confusion if your customer was looking for the main course and clicked into this one πŸ‘Œ .

STEP #2: Customize the *NEW* course Welcome Email with how your customer can redeem the Upsell offer.

While editing your new course, go into the left sidebar, scroll down to Course Emails, and click in to edit the Welcome Email πŸ“¬.

You'll want to edit the email Subject Line, From Email (if you want to change it), and then the actual Email Content itself.

The most important step here is that you are going to REMOVE the Login URL 😱. We normally advise against this but for this Upsell course, you probably don't need your customer to ever view this course. Write your email content and include any next steps to redeem the Upsell offer, like so:

πŸ“Œ NOTE: You do NOT have to remove the Login URL if you WANT your customer to view this Upsell course. You can add redemption links or downloadable goodies as lessons within the course itself. We're simply showing you a way to do this if your Upsell offer can be handled right in the course Welcome Email.

STEP #3: Create your Upsell, place your Upsell on a Payment Page, and promote your Payment Page with Upsell to your customers!

We know you've already read through Options 1️⃣ & 2️⃣ in this help doc, so you're very familiar with creating your Upsell and then placing it on the appropriate Payment Page. Good on ya! Enjoy Upselling anything! πŸ’ͺ


πŸŽ₯ Watch the Video Walkthrough of using Upsells to sell an add-on that's outside of Teachery

Use the chapter markers on the timeline of the video to jump to the specific STEPS that were outlined in the text above.

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