Want to spice up your course Overview page by displaying image thumbnails in the lesson boxes?

While Teachery lessons aren't designed out of the box to have image thumbnails on the Overview Page of your course, you can accomplish this very easily:

Step #1: Click into the Lesson you want to edit (from the editor sidebar on the left)

Step #2: In the "Lesson Title" field you'll want to add an image below the Lesson Title text (or you can remove the text if you don't want text).

  • TIP: Once the image is uploaded, click the image and use the Style button, and set the image to Full Width to fill the entire area nicely!

Step #3: Click back to the Overview Page of your course OR click the "Preview Course" link in the top left of the sidebar to see your course Overview Page in action!

πŸ’‘ PRO-TIP (optional): If you do NOT want text in the Lesson Preview boxes, ONLY IMAGES, simply delete the text above the image and you'll be left with just images

TA-DA! πŸ€—

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