Teachery is based in the USA and our default language is (obviously) English. However, the way we've set up Teachery's course editor, we've tried to give you the flexibility to create your course in whatever your native language is.

NOTE: Unfortunately, at this time we do not have support for Right to Left languages. We hope to add this down the road, but at this time it is not possible to switch the orientation from left to right.

The reason we don't use a language dropdown selector like other course platforms is we've heard from test users that those dropdown selectors can be VERY inaccurate.

This is why we simply give you open text areas through your course and course pages to be able to type in your language of choice.

πŸ’‘ If you want to "translate" your course or any content within your course into your language, simply type it in!

Here's a quick example pasting a phrase in Spanish into a text area of the Overview page in a course:

Easy as that!

99% of Teachery can be customized in your language and we even provide additional pages that you can customize as well:

  • Login Page

  • Set Password Page

  • Password Reset Page

  • Billing Update Page

  • Cancel Recurring Payments Page

  • And more!

πŸ‘‰ Recommended additional reading: Our Getting Started Guide to learn how to use Teachery and see its features in action.

There are a handful of alert bars and error messages that we do not allow you to customize at this time. We hope to offer these in the future but for now, they are few and far between and your customer only sees them when actions are taken (like confirming a password reset or saving an email change).

Happy translating! πŸ‘‹

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