Ready for a little course-inception? To create a "Course Dashboard" or "Course Hub" in Teachery we recommend creating a... 🥁 drumroll 🥁 ... course!

Okay, what does that mean? The overall steps are very easy:

  1. Create a new course in Teachery

  2. Make that course Publicly Available*

  3. Create "lessons" that will promote each course you sell/offer

  4. In each "lesson" add a link to purchase OR login to the course

  5. BOOM! You've created a "Course Dashboard!" 🎉 🎊

*You do NOT have to use a publicly available course if you don't want to. We simply recommend it because it makes it easy for any potential customer to view your available courses.

The "Lessons" in your course can be used to promote buying (new customers) or logging in (existing customers)

For NEW customers: Your "Course Dashboard" lessons will contain links to the Landing or Payment Pages of your other individual courses. You'll grab those URLs from your other courses and add them to text or images in your "Course Dashboard" course.

For EXISTING customers: Your lessons should also have links to log in to the courses. If your customer is already logged in, when they click a login URL they'll be whisked directly into your course. Hurray!

😘 We show an example of these "Lessons" in the demo below!

🔎 View Our "Course Dashboard" Demo

We've put together a very simple example "Course Dashboard" demo for you to see in action! It should give you an idea of how to construct your own course and how easy this can be to create and share.

Click here to view the Demo Course Dashboard

🙌 How To Promote Your Course Dashboard

When you've finished creating your "Course Dashboard" and you're editing your course, just pop into the Overview page (in Course Pages) and look for the Copy Overview URL button. This URL, if you use a publicly available course, is all you'll need.

You can email that URL, link to it on your website, or share it on social. Done and done!

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