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Learn about the brand-new Teachery!
Learn about the brand-new Teachery!

We've updated our branding, interface, and added new features and improvements to give you a better course creation experience.

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We are THRILLED to bring you a new version of Teachery, which includes a branding and interface update we've been working on for many months.

This is us right now (and hopefully you too):

Curious about what's new in this version of Teachery? All the major changes are listed out below so you know exactly how this latest version compares to what you're used to. We couldn't list out every detail, so feel free to hop in your account (or a trial if you don't have an account yet) and poke around!

Our intention behind this big design refresh was to make the app easier to use, more fun and creative feeling (just like you), and in general just make the experience a breath of fresh air for you so you can look forward to working on your courses.

We really hope you like it!

πŸ™‚ Course Overview Page and Small Course Template Tweaks

As you know, we have two different course templates for you to choose from. One important thing to note is that in this update we've changed the name of our "Default" template to be called the "Sidebar" template. This is so it's easier to differentiate from the Minimal template and will be important as we add new course templates and layouts in the future!

As far as changes to the look of the Overview page on both the Sidebar and Minimal templates, there were very minor updates that you may not even notice at all. We wanted to avoid changing the look of your course to your students whenever possible!

This basically boiled down to a few capitalization changes, and some additional spacing on the buttons to make things look a little more modern.

We did also change both templates so that the lesson "cards" on the Overview page are all the same height. They will default to the height of the tallest card. This makes the overall design feel more uniform and intentional.

πŸ’Έ Modernized Payment Pages (and More Mobile-Friendly)

Payment pages (aka checkout pages) got one of the biggest makeovers, mostly because we realized our payment page design was starting to look a little outdated. Since this is one of the first pages your customer sees in the process of buying your course, we wanted to give you the best chance at wowing them and making the checkout process a breeze.

We made the payment form stand out more and added some much-needed spacing and rounded corners to make the whole page feel more modern and friendly. You still have full control over what parts of the page you want to keep and which ones you want to hide.

βš™οΈ NEW PAGE: Lesson Drip Options - Manage Your Course Start Date, Course Expiration Date, and Lesson Drip Schedule

You can find this new page under Course Pages, then look for Lesson Drip Options.

The feature we used to refer to as your "Drip Schedule" was a bit confusing to implement, so we've adapted this feature quite a bit in order to make it more straightforward. Now, on your course Overview Page, you'll see an option to "Edit Course Start Date." This is for you if you want to keep your course locked until a specific day in the future OR until a certain amount of time after your customer purchases the course.

That gives you control over your course's start date, but you also have full control over your course's end date if you want your course content to expire. From the Overview Page, just select "Set Course Expiration Date" and you'll be able to set a specific date or based on a timeframe from when your customer purchased their course.

If you want to drip out access to your lessons or keep some locked until a specific date/timeframe after your customer purchases the course, you can do that on the page of each individual lesson OR you can do it for all your lessons at once using the Lesson Drip Options page!

πŸ”’ Easy Lesson Sorting and More More Course Controls

Speaking of Lesson Drip Options page, this is a BIGGGG change and something that will make your life much easier if you like to drip out your lesson content!

You now have one page where you can adjust the Course Start Date, Course Expiration Date AND the drip schedule of every lesson in your course. Not only that, but you can also re-order your lessons and sublessons directly from this page!

πŸ‘₯ Customer Activity & Customer Profile Actions

We've added a few tiny updates to the way you manage your customers that we hope will make your job easier and faster.

On the Customer Activity page, you'll now see labels and flags that pertain to customers with canceled plans, failed payments, course access revoked, and refunds issued.

We hope the new and improved Customer Profile pages also make it much easier to see your customer's interaction with your course(s).

We also hope it will much more straightforward to take actions on individual customers' accounts with the new and improved Actions dropdown menu.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Lesson Pages (Small Changes)

Again, not many changes to go over here. We just added some additional spacing throughout the lesson content, as well as some spacing on the buttons at the end of a lesson.

Remember, you can still customize virtually every piece of text on the lesson pages between the Style Editor and the on-page content editor!

πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Customizable and Styleable Login Pages

You can now style your login pages (Set Password, Login, and Password Reset) to match your course colors and customize the text.

As with the rest of the Teachery editor, you can also change the text to whatever language you want your course to be read in.

πŸ–₯ Slightly Updated Landing Pages

Landing pages are still very similar, with some minor changes to spacing, default colors and font sizing. Our bread-and-butter at Teachery isn't creating Landing pages but our existing template got a few small tweaks that we think will help!

⭐️ Iggy and new branding!

Finally, you'll notice a new friendly face around the app. This is our new mascot, Iggy the Idea Monster. His only desire is that you take all those wonderful ideas in your head and turn them into courses that can entertain, educate, and inspire others!

Again, we wanted the experience of using Teachery to feel fun, whimsical, and colorful, and Iggy greeting you at every turn certainly helps us achieve that.

We've shifted the colors of the Teachery brand into a more vibrant, creative, and energetic palette which we hope will just reflect the enthusiasm we have as a brand for helping you monetize your creativity and get your amazing knowledge out into the world!

We really hope you enjoy the all-new Teachery πŸ€— πŸ‘‹ ❀️ .

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