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Want to make your courses publicly available with no payment or signup required? This feature of public courses is for you!

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We're always looking for ways to help you market and promote your courses and one option for that is using a publicly available version of your course.

👋 Related feature: If you don't want a publicly available course but you do want to give someone a preview of your course for a short period of time (say, a week) you can look at our Course End Date feature.

👀 If you want to see a public course in action, view our Live Demo Course out here.

How To Set A Course as Publicly Available 

Just as you'd imagine, a public course lets anyone view your course and course lessons without having to purchase or signup for your course at all.

To set a course as public, simply follow these steps:

  • Click in to edit your course from the MY COURSES page

  • Click the SETTINGS section in the left sidebar 

  • Click Manage Options 

  • Look for the "Make Publicly Available?" option in the settings and click the dropdown and select: Yes - there's no signup required

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Manage Options page and hit the Save Options button to save your changes

  • Boom! 🎉 Your course is immediately publicly available!


Things You Should Know about Public Courses...

No Drip Content - A public course cannot have a drip schedule because there is no customer to assign the schedule to. If your course HAS a drip schedule already set and you make your course publicly available the drip schedule will be turned OFF. If you revert the course back to signup required, your drip schedule will be turned back ON.

No Course End Date - Similar to drip content, if someone isn't signing up for your course we have no way of knowing how to set an end date for them. We will disable this feature for you just like drip content if it is set before making a course publicly available.

No Customer Analytics - Because public courses are public, there is no data for us to collect and share with you. That being said, you can absolutely plug your Google Analytics account (or any other analytics account) into Teachery and see how many views your public course is getting!

Your Course Content is FREE - This should be verrrry obvious when setting a course to publicly available, but just a reminder that when a course is public anyone can view it!

🤔 Why would you want to use a publicly available course?

Great hypothetical question! 

Public courses are a great way to lead someone into a paid version of your course. You could create a duplicate version of your PAID course and give away just a few lessons that require no signup. Then, use a lesson at the end of the public version of your course to sell your paid course (just link to a payment page from your paid course). 

You can also think of using public courses if you sell a membership or program outside of Teachery but want to use a Teachery course to house your content. Example: Let's say you use MemberSpace to run your membership community but maybe you like Teachery's course framework as a better way to organize content for your members. You could run your membership through MemberSpace and have a link to a public course on a page in your website (reminder: Anyone could share that link with other people). 

If you use public courses in a fun way, definitely share it with us by using the chat bubble in the bottom right of Teachery or shoot us an email!

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