If you're looking to give access to your course for a limited amount of time, this feature is for you! 

The way this feature works is once the Course End Date is set in your course and a user signs up for or purchases your course, their access to the course will be revoked at the time you specify (and if they try to access the course URLs after the course expires, they'll be redirected to any Teachery page or external URL you set).

Our Course End Date (or Course Expiration Date) feature can be set up in multiple ways across multiple courses. We'll share some pro-tips with you, especially how to use Course End Date to create an evergreen sales funnel for your course 🙌.

Here's what the Course End Date looks like in a fictional course where you can see the countdown timer bar at the bottom:

The Course End Date countdown timer bar is responsive and actively counts down while your student is viewing the course. You can customize the colors and text, which we'll talk more about in a moment.

👋 How To Setup Course End Date

Here are the simple steps to add an expiration date to your course. You can also scroll down to see the walk-through video and click any chapter markers to jump to a different section.

Step #1: Setting the Course End Date (2 Options)

To access the Course End Date feature you'll want to click in to edit your course and then in the Course Pages section go to the Overview page of your course.

Click the "Set Course End Date" button and you'll be greeted with a modal window with two options to choose from:

Option 1: Based on student purchase date

This option is perfect for you if you want your course end date to be based on when a student signs up for, purchases, or is manually added to your course.

Option 2: Set your own end date

This option is the right choice if you want your course end date to be a specific date in the future that you set.

NOTE: For either of these options, once a student signs up for a course with a Course End Date set, you can edit the course end date in the student's Customer Profile.


Step #2: The Redirect for Course End Date

Once you choose Option 1 or 2 for your Course End Date you'll want to set the redirect URL/page for the course. This setting will dictate where your student goes when the course end date expires.

The Course End Date redirect can be a page in your Teachery course OR any URL you want to use (another Teachery course Payment Page or any URL your heart desires!).

This redirect will happen in two ways:

  • If a student is actively viewing* your course as the Course End Date countdown timer counts all the way down to 00s, the page will automatically redirect.
  • If the Course End Date timer has expired and a student tries to access any URL in the course, they will be redirected.

*If you are logged in, previewing your course, and watching the timer countdown to 00s, you will NOT seeing the automatic redirect happen on-page. We do this so you can always preview your countdown timer. 👍

Note: If you need to switch the redirect page later on, in the dropdown select the empty slot at the top or in the URL field simply clear out the text.


Step #3: Customize the Course End Date Timer Bar

Once you've set your Course End Date option (1 or 2), then added your Redirect Page/URL, it's now time to customize the countdown timer bar!

Clicking the "Customize" button in the Edit Course End Date modal will take you to the Style Editor > COURSE END DATE section (you can also simply navigate to this section by clicking Style Your Course in the editor sidebar). In this section you can customize the following:

  1. You can set the timer bar background color
  2. You can set the timer bar text color
  3. You can edit the text of the timer bar
  4. You can add link text to the second sentence that can go to a Teachery Payment Page or any URL you specify (great for trying to sell your full course!)
  5. You can highlight the link text and change the text color of the link text

Final Notes: Additional Course End Date Timer Bar... stuff 🙂

Note #1 - The "X" Icon: If a student clicks the "X" icon on the timer bar, it will hide the timer bar on all pages of your course for 24 hours.

Note #2 - Timer Bar Font: The font is inherited by the course font you set on the Overview page of your course (Change Course Font button). 

Note #3 - Custom CSS: Feel free to add your own CSS to customize the timer bar to your liking. One simple example, you could use custom CSS to increase the font size on the timer bar from font size 15px (default) to 18px (larger). Grab the CSS here:

  • <style>div.countdown.end-date {font-size: 18px !important;}</style>
  • Add that CSS in SETTINGS > Manage Options > Head Tag Code Injection
  • 🛑 Please proceed at your own risk when adding custom CSS!


🖥 Watch the Course End Date Setup Walk-Through Video

Click any of the chapter markers on the video to jump to a specific section. 


🤩 How To Use the Course End Date Feature to Create an Evergreen Sales Funnel

If you're using Course End Date to create a preview version of your course which will sell the full version of your course...

We HIGHLY recommend duplicating your course and using the Course End Date on the duplicated version of your course. This will keep your data clean and separate for the free preview course and your full/paid course. 

This is a great way to create an "evergreen sales funnel" using a free preview course. The steps would be as follows:

  1. Go to Settings > Duplicate Course in the sidebar editor of your main course
  2. Once duplicated, go to Settings > Manage Options and be sure to update your preview course's Course Name and Course URL (you may want to update the Course Emails as well to be more "preview friendly")
  3. Head to your Course Pages and delete the lessons you won't want a student to have access to in the preview version of the course
  4. ADD a new lesson that becomes a sales pitch for the full version of the course (grab a Payment Page link from your full course and make the link clear)
  5. Set your Course End Date in the preview course with the amount of days you want someone to have access after "purchase" (or signup)
  6. Set the Course End Date redirect URL to the payment page for the full course (you want this payment page to be created in the full course itself)
  7. Customize the Course End Date timer bar to have text linking to your full course payment page URL
  8. 🚀 Last but not least, create a free payment page in your preview course that you share which gives people access to the preview course!
  9. BONUS: Create an automated email sequence and sync it up to match the amount of days of your course preview (if the Course End Date is 5 days, you could send 1 email per day). 

⏳ Use Course End Date to Limit the Amount of Time a Student has Access to Your Course

If you only want a student to have access to your course after purchasing for a certain amount of time, you can use Course End Date for this too.

Unlike the Evergreen Sales Funnel, you may not need to duplicate your course for this option (unless you want to). You'd simply set your Course End Date option to days after purchase or to a date in the future and once the time expires, your student's access to your course expires and is revoked.

You can always go into a specific student's Customer Profile in your MY CUSTOMERS page and edit their Course End Date to give them additional time in your course.

NOTE: If you are going to use Course End Date in this manner please make it extremely clear to any customers who are purchasing your course that access will be removed in the future. 


If you have any questions about using our Course End Date feature or come up with a unique way to use it for your course, reach out to us! 

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