Our Progress Bar feature is very simple in its execution but has very powerful implications for you and your course students.

NOTE: Student progress tracking is currently being done via lesson views and "next lesson" button clicks. This is unrelated to the "Completed" buttons. 

How To Enable The Course Progress Bar Feature:

Progress bars are enabled ON ✅ by default, but if you don't see it on the Overview page of your course, here's how to enable it:

  1. Edit the course you want to add the progress bar to

  2. Make sure you're on the Overview page in your course editor

  3. Click the orange "Add Course Progress" button under the header image to toggle the feature ON

  4. Feel free to change the "Course Progress" text to whatever you like

  5. The progress bar will now show on every lesson within your course!

  6. Boom! You've activated the student progress bar.

How To Style The Course Progress Bar:

  • While in your course editor go to Style Your Course in the left sidebar

  • Then click the Overview page style option

  • The first 3 styles in the General tab are for your progress bar

😱 Advanced Option: If you want the Progress Bar to span full-width of your course, here's some Custom CSS!

If you're using the full-width Header Image feature on your Overview page, you may want a wide progress bar. You'll need to add some additional custom CSS to make it go full width: 

.student-progress {
    max-width: 100% !important; }

(This custom CSS should be added in Course Settings > Manage Options > Head Tag Code Injection area.)



When you're logged-in as the course creator, the progress bar will show at "36% progress" no matter what you do. We'll save you the technical reasons for why the progress bar never changes when you preview your course.

That being said... If you want to see the progress bar change, you'll want to add yourself as a student of your course (reminder: use an email address that is NOT your Teachery account email address). 

Viewing the course with your student login email you'll see the progress bar start at 0% and change as you navigate through the course!

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