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Bulk Importing Students Into Your Course (CSV Import)
Bulk Importing Students Into Your Course (CSV Import)

At this time we handle any bulk importing of students into your course for you

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While we'd love to give you the power to bulk add students into your course via a CSV file, there are a lot of things that can go wrong 😬😬. 

Instead, we'll handle any bulk import for you and just need you to contact us (through the chat bubble in the bottom right) with THREE things:

#1 Correctly formatted and named CSV file

Your CSV file should only have 3 columns of data in it:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

Please also name your CSV with the Teachery URL of your course. You can find this in the Course Settings > Manage Options page while editing your course. An example filename would be: your-awesome-course.csv (if your course URL was

Here's what your CSV should look like:

*NOTE: If you do not have the First Name or Last Name of your customer, replace that field with their email address as well.

#2 Which course we're adding your students to

Please be very clear in explaining which course in your account you want your imported students added to.

#3 Do you want the imported students to receive your course's Welcome Email?

We HIGHLY recommend saying yes βœ… to this as it will make your life and your student's login process much smoother.Β 

Upon submitting these 3 things ⬆️, we should be able to complete the Bulk CSV import within 48 hours (Monday - Friday).

In the future, we may allow course creators to import their own CSV files but for now, let us work the magic for ya!

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