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GDPR Compliance and Adding Your Own Privacy Policy and Terms to Teachery Payment Pages
GDPR Compliance and Adding Your Own Privacy Policy and Terms to Teachery Payment Pages

How Teachery has become GDPR compliant and how you can (easily) prepare your courses to be compliant as well.

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How can you ensure your course is GDPR compliant?

If you are processing the personal data of European Union residents, then the EU GDPR may apply to you. While Teachery is unable to provide legal advice, we encourage course creators to take the necessary steps to determine whether or not you need GDPR compliance. You may want to:

  • Consult a legal professional regarding the GDPR requirements and how they affect your course's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy 

  • Familiarize yourself with the requirements of the GDPR (this is a great article)

  • Review your sub-processors* (if you take payment outside of Teachery or if you send customer data from Teachery into any email provider or other service) to determine if they are compliant with the new regulation

*If you are sending customer data from Teachery into your email provider (or other service) you WILL need to get user content in those services on your own. Example: In an opt-in confirmation email, you need to provide a consent statement (like the one below) that links to your terms and privacy policy.

➡️ This is a great article if you're a course creator and not sure what you need to do for GDPR compliance.


How to add a simple Consent Statement to your Payment Page(s)

This is a very simple way to comply to GDPR. Add a line of consent text that links to your Terms and Privacy page (you host both of those pages on your own website).

On Teachery Payment Pages we recommend using the "Features" section as a place to put your consent statement. You may also add it in the text section below the title of the page.

💡 Example consent statement: NOTE: By purchasing this course you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. 

How is Teachery handling compliance with EU GDPR?

We have taken steps to be fully compliant with the EU GDPR. We take your privacy and the privacy of your customers seriously. 

The steps we've taken, in case you're interested:

  • We've retained outside counsel to ensure that we comply with every requirement of the GDPR

  • We've prepared and published revisions to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy which include disclosures required by GDPR.

  • We've reviewed our sub-processors to make sure they are compliant with data protection policies and procedures that comply with GDPR.

  • We have a process whereby you can request access to or deletion of your personal data. 

Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy if you'd like to learn more about our disclosures and handling of data.

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