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Teachery User Spotlight: Meet Rachel Coley, Founder of
Teachery User Spotlight: Meet Rachel Coley, Founder of
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Teachery User Spotlight is our way of sharing the stories behind course creators using Teachery.

This spotlight is on Rachel Coley and this is her story...

When my professional life as a pediatric Occupational Therapist collided with my personal life as a new mom, CanDo Kiddo was born. I was committed to being home to raise my little ones and confident that the internet could provide a new platform for me to continue to help fellow parents playfully and confidently give their babies and toddlers the best start possible. Through my blog and books I’m able to give new parents development tips and activities as well as parenting support and inspiration - all while in my yoga pants, a PB&J in hand and my kids napping nearby. 

My audience told me loud and clear that they were eager for help navigating the confusing and nerve-wracking process of introducing solid foods to their babies. But I quickly found that despite my passion for and advanced training in infant feeding, it was a difficult topic to teach about solely through my writing. I knew that short of being right beside them at their kitchen tables, the best way to teach parents about infant feeding skills and development was through video. And so an online course was the clear next step for serving my audience’s needs. 

I took Caroline Kelso’s online class, Your First E-Course, to help me see this new endeavor to fruition. I learned a ton and felt ready to tackle the project but I also gained much more from her course. I got first-hand experience with Teachery as a user WHILE learning how she uses it as a course developer. I took Teachery for a quick spin with a free trial and I was hooked.

While compiling, filming and editing course content for my course, Food Before One took exponentially longer that I had ever imagined (I thought this was a few weeks project - HA!), publishing the content and making my course dashboard professional and easy to navigate was a breeze with Teachery. 

The time saved on backend development of the course platform has definitely allowed me to offer my course at a very reasonable price to new parents. And it’s been a huge hit with my audience! 

The addition of Food Before One to my product offerings has more than doubled my business revenue and has far exceeded my sales expectations. But beyond that, it’s more than doubled the feedback I get from fellow parents about how I’ve impacted their parenting and their kiddo’s development. Knowing that I’m making a difference makes all the 5am worktimes and piles of dirty dishes. 

I’m also pretty much obsessed with the Lifetime pricing option. With definite plans to expand my online course offerings and one successful course ongoing, upgrading to this pricing tier was a no-brainer for me. 

The one tweak I’d like to see Teachery make is to up the sophistication of their tracking and analytics. With a few years of running an online business under my belt, I’m starting to get more sophisticated and strategic in tracking and using analytics. Who am I kidding -  I’m not techy or detail-oriented enough for that. But I did get smart and hire someone to help in this arena. And there have been some road-blocks with using detailed Facebook pixels and Google Analytics to get crystal-clear about where my Teachery sales are coming from. 

I’m excited about the new feature of the affiliate program for courses and I look forward to promoting this with my new course. Yep, that’s right! I’m just a few weeks from finishing up content development for a much bigger course offering for parents called Meeting Milestones and Making It To Bedtime all about toddler development from 12-24 months. It’s chock-full of ways to keep a one-year-old busy, happy and learning without being a Supermom or Superdad. And I love knowing that once the course content is finished, I’m just a few clicks away from a finished course to launch to an eager and waiting audience. This is also a big relief since in 9 weeks I’ll deliver my third baby, put my work-life on pause and let Teachery do the work of delivering my new course!

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