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Teachery User Spotlight: Meet Kevin Brinkmann, World-Class Leadership Made Simple
Teachery User Spotlight: Meet Kevin Brinkmann, World-Class Leadership Made Simple
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Teachery User Spotlight is our way of sharing the stories behind course creators using Teachery.

This spotlight is on Kevin Brinkmann and this is his story...

In 2010, I moved to India to help the poor. I ended up helping the rich — as a corporate trainer for the World Banks of the world. I enjoyed it. But I knew there was more.

In 2013, I first thought, “What if I turned my most popular leadership trainings into online courses?” I read blogs about it. I read books about it. But the leap still seemed too big: Wordpress plug-ins, tech terms I’d never heard of, blaaaah!

In 2017, I gave it another go. I researched online course software again. The world had changed! If you could set up a blog, you could set up an online course. And no more plug-ins!

I researched 27 online course softwares. (Confession: I’m a research junkie. I spent too many hours on this. I created a grade sheet and everything.) There were two finalists. Teachery won.

Here’s why I chose Teachery:

  1. The lifetime subscription plan. Right on!

  2. Simple, functional, beautiful.

  3. They were quirky! Just like me.

I still wish Teachery had a few more design options. Sometimes I wish they hosted videos, had a website builder, or hosted webinars like Kajabi. But overall, no regrets.

Now back to the dream that began in 2010. I still want to help the poor. I want to bring the same world-class leadership training that World Bank gets (and pays a bazillion dollars for) to the non-profits of India. Here’s how...

Remember TOMS shoes? For every pair of shoes you buy, one pair goes to a needy child in Africa. Now, for every leadership course you purchase, one course will go to help a non-profit in India. Pretty cool, huh?

The course launched in October 2017. Thanks Teachery. A dream years later. Watch a trailer at

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