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Teachery User Spotlight: Meet Ginger Burr, Founder of Total Image Consultants
Teachery User Spotlight: Meet Ginger Burr, Founder of Total Image Consultants
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Teachery User Spotlight is our way of sharing the stories behind course creators using Teachery.

This spotlight is on Ginger Burr and this is her story...

I have been an image consultant for the past 30 years and am blessed to do something I love every day. Women contact me because they are frustrated with their wardrobe and feel like they have lost their personal style. When I ask them how they feel about how they look, they almost always share that they "hope people will forget what I'm wearing.” It breaks my heart!

It is no secret that women are regularly pulled in a million different directions and often, as a result, their wardrobe (blissfully hidden behind closed closet doors) suffers. This makes getting dressed frustrating (and time-consuming) at best and nearly impossible at its worst. The good news is that I can help them.

Most of my clients are women over 40 who are stuck in a wardrobe rut. I guide them to create a wardrobe in a way that is strategic, efficient and fun. My client, Claire, says it best, “It has been 2 weeks since I met and shopped with you, and every day has been a good 'clothes' day. My mornings are easy as I search for what to wear based on the weather. I have less clothing now but more options.” 

And, yes, it can be fun as Judi shares, “I cannot thank you enough for today. My mother nearly dropped the phone when I told her I spent the day clothes shopping and HAD FUN! Truly, she laughed and laughed…”

When they feel good about how they look and have clothes they love to wear, dressing becomes easy and even joyful!

The primary way I work with clients is in-person one-on-one. I love that, but I also realized that not everyone can come to Boston and with an online course I could help more women address their wardrobe woes no matter where they live. So, I created ‘Dress to Impress—Yourself!’. In this course, I share all the resources and guidelines I use with my private clients. When they apply the 42 lessons from the course they find that shopping and getting dressed every morning because easier, more productive and more satisfying. 

I had never created an online course before and had no idea where to begin. When I was considering platforms to host my course, the marketing team with whom I was working said they had used Teachery and liked it. I trusted them and they made it easy. I have been happy with my decision since day one.

I like Teachery because it’s easy to use and the finished product looks beautiful – this is super important to me because my business is all about helping women bring more beauty into their lives through their wardrobes. 

Anything I create has to be beautiful, too, so this was a make or break consideration when choosing a platform. Teachery came through with flying colors. (The only thing I wish Teachery would do is interface with my shopping cart (Kickstart Cart). I’ve had to do some fancy footwork to make my payment system work since they don’t support 1SC.)

Once the course was launched it was so exciting to hear women having success with the information. In fact, those who are using my course say it best. As Jen, a course participant, shares, “The ‘Dress To Impress—Yourself!’ course helped me translate into clothing who I see myself as. Of course, it made me clean out my wardrobe (still in the works), and re-consider my color choices - but mainly it encourages me not to settle.”

And, Sharon says, “I've loved it. You are so talented and have such a nice way of communicating- I'm so glad I found you!!”

Between my ‘Dress to Impress—Yourself!’ course and my one-on-one private work I stay pretty busy helping women. But I’m always looking for new ways to be of service and do what I love. So, I am actually working on creating a membership program and am thinking of using Teachery to host it. It’s still in the beginning stages so we’ll see what happens as we go along.

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