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Teachery User Spotlight: Meet Amy Douglas, Founder of Baby Sleep Central
Teachery User Spotlight: Meet Amy Douglas, Founder of Baby Sleep Central
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Teachery User Spotlight is our way of sharing the stories behind course creators using Teachery.

This spotlight is on Amy Douglas and this is her story...

I am a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and founder of both Baby Sleep Central and Parental Central. I thrive to help exhausted parents try to figure out the sleep puzzle with their babies and children. I take a unique perspective, and while I sympathize with the parents (I’m a Momma myself – I get it!), I try to consider a child’s point of view when it comes to sleep needs. 

I initially considered using courses, because I developed a short waitlist (hey - it didn’t happen overnight!), and when parents and children are in a fog of sleep deprivation, it is tough to sit and wait for help! I wanted something to offer my clients in the meantime, and video courses based upon their current needs fits the bill. Literally, as they are less expensive than a custom consult!

I wanted the best experience for my clients, and also the simplest platform for me to master. I evaluated everything out there, and at the end of the day, nothing compared to Teachery. 

Trust me, I did several free trials, so I have done the research for you. I didn’t have to settle with Teachery, because it had everything I needed to start right away. I made my first sale the day I launched, and I knew from there it was a slam dunk. It turns out, introducing these courses has been the best move I’ve ever made for my business. My clients now have the option to either wait for my next availability or get started with a course, today!

When it comes to Teachery, I love how easy it is for anyone (even me!) to whip up a snazzy course. Besides it looking great and being super simple to use, their Support Team is amazing. I needed them one time (or thought I needed them), and they put my fears at ease in a jiffy. It was basically instant. Also, there weren’t any hidden fees (AKA, no way to be bamboozled), and even an option to purchase Lifetime Access. That was unique, compared to anything else I had seen. Recently, they added an option to enable affiliate links, and that helps me get my content in front of more families in need of rest. I’d love for the option of a single affiliate link for all courses, instead of individual links for each. But, they are always improving and adding things over time!

Next up, more courses (of course)! I’m currently working on a gentle no-tears approach for the 2 & up crowd!  The Newborn and Baby programs have been very well received, therefore, I feel compelled to share the love with parents of Toddlers & Older Children. 

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