If setting up a custom domain is like running a marathon, setting up a custom subdomain is like going for a leisurely jog around the block. This is why we recommend our course creators use subdomains over full custom domains. 

What's the difference between the two?

  • mycoursewebsite.com is a custom domain
  • course.mycoursewebsite.com is a custom subdomain (the type we recommend)

There's nothing wrong with using a custom domain and we've created a help article about that here.


Here's how easy it is to setup a custom subdomain:

  • Login to your domain registrar (Google Domains shown below) >>
  • Create a new DNS record >>
  • Add course.myurl.com as the name, change the type to CNAME, set the TTL to 1h, and the data/value* to www.teachery.co >>
  • Login to your Teachery account >>
  • Click into the course you want to set your domain for >>
  • Click "Manage Options" in the left sidebar >>
  • In the "Custom Domain" field add course.myurl.com >>
  • Now wait patiently for your domain to propagate!

*Some domain registrars require an IP address, please use:

 Here's a screenshot of setting the subdomain record in a Google Domains account:

Here's where you add your custom domain in the Manage Options section of your course in Teachery:


A few things to note about setting up your custom subdomain:

  • Setting up a subdomain does not affect the root domain (in the example above: myurl.com would not change or point to Teachery).
  • Every domain registrar is different, and if you can't access your DNS settings, contact support at your domain registrar.
  • Every course in Teachery can have it's own unique subdomain (just repeat the steps above and pick a different subdomain for each).
  • Most domain registrars have their own help docs about DNS setup if you need help with your specific registrar.
  • If you're using Teachery's Payment Pages, those are the only pages that won't use a custom domain or subdomain (because we handle the SSL security of the payment forms).
  • Custom domains should be written in lowercase (awesome.domain.com, not Awesome.Domain.com)


Important note about domain propagation:

Domain propagation simply means how long it takes for your new subdomain to point correctly to Teachery. It can take 24-48 hours for propagation to finish, so plan accordingly. You can check if your domain has finished propagating by using a site like DNSchecker.org.

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