If you love Teachery and want to promote it to your friends, family, lovers, or arch enemies, we're happy to reward you for your efforts.

As a Teachery Affiliate you will earn a 25% lifetime commission on any new customer you bring in!

Whether that new customer signs up for a Monthly or Annual Plan, you receive 25% for your efforts. 

  • If you bring in a Monthly Teachery customer ($49/mo) you receive $12.25 for as many months as that customer stays with Teachery.
  • If you bring in an Annual Teachery customer ($470/yr) you receive $117.50 every year that customer stays with Teachery.

We care about the quality of Teachery Affiliates which is why you need to email us and request access to our affiliate program. Don't worry, we aren't going to put on white gloves and take you into a back room or anything. But, we will verify that you're an actual human being and have good intentions! 

If you're interested in becoming a Teachery Affiliate, please email us@teachery.co and mention becoming an affiliate (include your PayPal email address too!)

A couple additional things regarding Teachery Affiliates:

Payouts are made through PayPal

You will need a PayPal address for your Teachery Affiliate account. This may be separate from your Teachery account email, which is perfectly normal. When you have a successful affiliate sale, we'll pay you via PayPal...

PayPal payouts are made 30 days after a successful signup

We hold the affiliate commission for 30 days to ensure that there are no refunds or chargebacks*. If you have not received a payout after 30 days, there may have been a typo in your PayPal email address. Please contact us if you believe there is an error.

Keep your unique Affiliate URL in a safe place

When you are added as a Teachery Affiliate you'll receive an email with your unique Teachery Affiliate URL. If you ever lose this URL, we can retrieve it for you, but that's a pain in the hind-quarters. Please just keep your URL safe. 

We do *NOT* have a fancy Affiliate Dashboard just yet 😉 but you can use a URL shortener like Bit.ly to get click stats

If you signup for a Bit.ly account (totally free) and shorten your Teachery Affiliate URL to a bit.ly link, you can share the bit.ly and see how many people have clicked your URL. Each time you receive a successful conversion you can compare it to the amount of clicks on your bit.ly to know your conversion rate!

You'll receive a successful conversion email when someone signs up for Teachery using your unique URL

We'll email you and let you know when someone has used your unique URL and signed up for Teachery (and picked a Teachery Plan!)

Affiliate URLs set a 30-day cookie

When you share your affiliate URL, it will set a browser cookie on any visitor for 30 days. If that person returns to Teachery within 30 days, and uses the same browser, you will still get credit for the signup. If someone uses a different browser and forgets to use your Affiliate URL, we cannot apply the commission afterwards. This is standard affiliate practice and we use last-cookie tracking.

*Note about chargebacks or refunds after 30 days: If you have a successful affiliate sale occur and a customer has a successful chargeback after the 30 days (meaning: the person who signed up using your URL got a refund from their credit card company after the affiliate commission was paid out to you), we will hold a negative balance on your affiliate account. The next successful affiliate sale will be the new commission less the negative balance from the previous refund.

Fees on affiliate sales

After a conversion is made through your affiliate link, Teachery takes a small fee from the sale. The fee is taken only to cover the money transfer costs from Teachery to your PayPal account. This fee is calculated at 2% of successful affiliate commission. Once the fee is taken, we will send you the allocated percentage. [Example: Someone signs up for Teachery Annual Plan ($470) using your affiliate URL. Teachery takes $2.35 (2% of $117.50) and pays you $115.15 after 30 days.]

By signing up to become a Teachery Affiliate you agree to our affiliates terms and conditions.

Ready to become a Teachery Affiliate and earn a 25% commission (forever) on any new Teachery customer you send our way? 

Send us an email at us@teachery.co and include your PayPal email address in your request. 

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