Early on in Teachery we made the decision not to try to keep up with huge and extremely well-funded video hosting companies. 

While it may seem nice to have Teachery host your videos, there's no feasible way our small team could continue to improve our course creation platform AND keep up with the ever-changing landscape of video technology. 

We love relying on Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube, Google Drive or other video platforms, because this is what they do best! We handle the course side of things, and we let them take great care of your videos. All you have to do is upload your videos to any video provider, then grab the embed code and plop that in your lesson in Teachery.

Here's a quick list of the video providers we like and why:

Wistia*: Most professional looking. More features. Unbranded player (no logos or anything). Free up to 3 videos.

Vimeo Pro: Extremely similar to Wistia in features and pricing.

Vimeo (free): Great video player, nice looking, but will have the Vimeo logo on it.

YouTube (free): Least customizable player, but still a fantastic option if you want 100% free video hosting.

  • Recently YouTube started setting videos to default to not be embeddable but this is easy to fix. In your YouTube Dashboard, edit any video, then go to Advanced Settings, and make sure the "Allow embedding" box is checked. Then you're good to go!

Google Drive (free): This is a fantastic option if you want a stripped-down video player, no frills, and you want to save as much money as possible.

  • Open Google Drive
  • Find the Video file
  • Double-click the video to have it Pop Open (and start playing)
  • In the video pop up, click the "More Actions" icon (3 vertical Dots top right)
  • Select "Open in New Window" from the more actions list
  • In the new window click the "More Actions" 3 dots again and click Embed Item
  • Copy Embed Code and paste into the "Add Content" box in a Teachery Lesson!


Can you use other video hosting providers besides YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo (like AWS, etc)?

There are other video hosting companies that you can use with Teachery, as long as they provide you with iframe embed code (or something similar - unfortunately AWS does not).

Here is a video on how to embed Wistia, Vimeo, and YouTube:


NOTE: Embedding Wistia videos within sublessons 

Because of the way we load javascript within sublessons in courses, you'll need to make sure you select a certain option when embedding Wistia videos (this is for Wistia only)

When you grab the embed code from Wistia, there's an option to switch to "Fallback" code. Grab that embed code and replace your video codes in your sublessons to ensure they display properly. We recommend using the fallback code on all your Wistia embedded videos in all lessons in Teachery.

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