Already know about Zapier? Get started with our Teachery Zap Templates here (these are just a few examples to get you started, feel free to make your own Zaps using Teachery) - 


One of the things we know about Teachery is that we don't integrate with ALL the email providers or payment processors. Well, this is no longer an issue with our Zapier integration!

Our Zapier Integration works multiple different ways:

#1 After a customer purchases your Teachery Course: Send their name and email address to your email provider (or any other app in Zapier). Teachery will be the FIRST step in your Zap.

NOTE: If you have multiple courses in Teachery, you'll want to add a "Filter" step in your Zap between Teachery and the second action in your zap (for example: Aweber). Use the "only continue if..." Filter and then choose "Course Name" in the first dropdown and you can choose Text Contains or Text Exactly Matches and type the exact course name. That Filter will keep the next Action from happening (sending data to Aweber) unless the Filter triggers based on the only continue if data.

#2 After a customer adds an email to a Teachery Landing Page:
Send their name and email address to your email provider (or any other app in Zapier). Teachery will be the FIRST step in your Zap.

#3 Send data from another source into a Teachery Course:
If you take payment through PayPal, or someone signs up for your email list (or any other app in Zapier), you can pass their name and email address directly into your Teachery Course. Teachery will be the SECOND step (or third, or fourth, etc) in your Zap.


If you've never used Zapier before, it's very user-friendly to get going (and the free plan will probably suit all your needs!)

Below you'll find a walk-through video that shows you how to setup a "Zap" if you wanted to sell your course through Gumroad and have the buyers get automatically added in Teachery. You can follow the same steps and replace Gumroad with Paypal, Shopify, or any other payment providers that currently integrate with Zapier.

Here is the location of the items you'll need to get from your Teachery account for Zapier (if you're zapping data into a Teachery Course):

1. Your unique Teachery API Key* (this is at the top of your My Account page)

2. The Course API ID: NOTE >> Zapier recently made a change and you no longer need the Course API ID. You'll see a dropdown of your courses when you create your zap!

*You'll only need this one time when you add Teachery to your Zapier account.


Bonus: You can also use Stripe as your first Zapier "Action" if you want to do other things after a purchase is made through Teachery Payment Pages

If you use our Payment Pages (with your Stripe account added) for your Teachery courses, you can also setup Zaps to grab the payment data from Stripe and then Zap that data to other places.

You don't even need the Teachery part of Zapier if you want to go this route with your Zaps, just start with your Stripe account. 

Have any questions about our Zapier integration? Feel free to contact us!

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