We get this question fairly often:

“Does Teachery integrate with my ________ payment processor?”

Fill that blank in with Paypal, Gumroad, Gravity, Freshbooks, Square, Celery, etc, etc. There are so many payment processors out there that if we tried to integrate with all of them, we’d be doing nothing but figuring that out.

But fear not! 

There are a few easy ways you can create your own small on-boarding automation if you want to use a payment processor outside of Teachery.

This is the TL;DR (too long, didn't read) version:

  • Create free payment page on Teachery
  • Change payment page URL to something hard to guess (ex: yourawesomecourse.com/payment-x933dd3n3)
  • Include that payment page URL in receipt email from your payment processor
  • Boom! You’re done!
  • OR... Use our Zapier integration 😎

If you need a bit more of a walk-through, here’s a longer version…

Step 1: Create a free payment page in Teachery

Login to your Teachery account >>

Click the course you are working on >>

Click “Add New Payment Page” (in the sidebar) >>

Name the page and make it $0 >>

Click the “Change URL” button (in the top navigation of that payment page) and make it something hard to guess >>

Once created, customize the payment page to your liking. We’d recommend making it very clear in the copy on that page that your customer has already paid for your course and this is how they gain access (by entering their name and email address).

Step 2: Put the free payment page URL in your purchase receipt or thank you page

Whether you’re using Paypal*, Gumroad**, etc, you should quickly and easily be able to add text to the receipt that gets sent to a person who buys your course. Make it very clear that they need to click the Teachery free payment page URL to get access to the course.

If you can create a thank you page that people get after they make a purchase with your payment processor, you could also include the free payment page URL and instructions on that page.

*For Paypal: You can't include an extra link in Paypal, so you'd need to use a service like Zapier to integrate and send an email after a Paypal purchase. Gumroad uses Paypal as a payment option, so we'd simply recommend avoid using Paypal directly.

**For Gumroad: You can create a very simple PDF with a link to your free payment page (you can create a PDF using Google Spreadsheets or Word) that someone can download immediately after purchase.

Step 3: Sit back and watch the magic happen!

It really is that easy. As long as you make your free payment page URL something very hard to guess, no one will ever be able to find it.

Additional way to onboard customers: Promo Codes

Very similar to the steps outlined above, you can create and share a payment page and promo code. Instead of including a free payment page in the email receipt, you’d share a full-price payment page, and create a 100% OFF promo code in Teachery. To create a promo code:

  • Login to your Teachery account >>
  • Click the course you are working on >>
  • Click “Promo Codes” (in the sidebar) >>
  • Click the "Create Promo Code" button >>
  • Set the Percentage or Amount Off, name your code, choose redemption amounts (optional), and set expiration date >>
  • Save your new promo code!

Then share the full-price payment page URL with instructions about entering a promo code on that page.

This is merely another option. It’s not better or worse than sending a free payment page. More info on promo codes here.

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