Our Progress Bar feature is very simple in its execution but has very powerful implications for you and your course students.

NOTE: Student progress tracking is currently being done via lesson views and "next lesson" button clicks. This is unrelated to the "Completed" buttons. 

How To Enable The Course Progress Bar Feature:

If you want to enable this feature, it's incredibly easy!

  1. Edit the course you want to add the progress bar to
  2. Make sure you're on the Overview page in your course editor
  3. Click the orange "Add Progress Bar" button under the header image to toggle the feature ON
  4. Feel free to change the "Course Progress" text to whatever you like
  5. The progress bar will now show on every lesson within your course!
  6. Boom! You've activated the student progress bar.

How To Style The Course Progress Bar:

  • While in your course editor go to STYLE YOUR COURSE in the left sidebar
  • Then click the Overview page style option
  • The first 3 styles in the GENERAL tab are for your progress bar

ADVANCED: If You're Using Custom CSS For A 100% Width Header Image:

IF you're using our Custom CSS to have a 100% width header image, you'll need to add some additional custom CSS to make it go full width: 

.student-progress {
    max-width: 100% !important; }

(This is ONLY for customers using Custom CSS, do not worry about this if you are not using custom CSS.)

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: The student progress bar will ONLY show up for *new students* after you turn the progress bar ON

Tracking student progress wasn't something we were doing in the past, so, unfortunately, there's no way to display student progress to your existing students (before turning ON the Progress Bar). 

Any existing students currently enrolled in your course will NOT see a progress bar at all.

We wish we could retroactively add a progress bar to all students but it's not possible due to the limited data we were collecting. But hey, at least this feature exists now! 🎉

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