Teachery allows you to upload images quickly and easily within different areas of your awesome course pages. In the video below, you'll be able to watch a full walk-through of uploading images in a lesson, as well as adding links and a few other handy tips and tricks.

Here is a quick look at how to upload images in your course lessons...

Step 1: Click into a text area that would be large enough to contain an image (our smaller text areas, like Lesson Resources, don't have enough room for images). Then click the Image Upload icon (the image with a + on it).

Step 2: Select the image from your computer and upload it! Important: Images are limited to 3MB, to keep your course loading as quickly as possible. We highly recommend using a tool like compressjpeg.com to optimize your images before uploading to Teachery.

Note: Uploaded images will automatically be set to 100% responsive width. If you happen to upload an image (or GIF) that isn't 100% width, it's quick and easy to make that happen. Double click your image, go to the Advanced tab, add width:100% to the Style field (and hit Save!).

Step 3 (Optional): Want to add a link to your image? Simply give the image a double click and go to the Link tab. Make sure to add http:// or https:// before the URL you want to link to. Then, we recommend selecting "New Window" in the Target dropdown to pop open a new window when your image is clicked.


Additional tips for uploading and embedding images in your course:

  1. Optimize your images with a tool like compressjpeg.com - The slower your course loads due to large images, the less awesome the experience for your students. If you need to optimize GIFs, use gifgif's optimize tool.
  2. Don't know where to look for images? Use sites like unsplash.com or deathtostock.com to find great stock photography.
  3. Looking for a great GIF to add to your course? You can find greats ones on giphy.com and easily embed them.


Watch the walk-through video to learn more about image support:

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