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Integration with Zapier

*IMPORTANT* Our Zapier integration requires you to click an access-request link. You must click this link first to use our Zapier Integration: https://zapier.com/developer/invite/49486/18b4959acbc6bcf30c30a4e3ae519a6c/

One of the things we know about Teachery is that we don't integrate with many email providers or payment processors. Well, this is no longer an issue with our Zapier integration!

Even if you've never used Zapier before, it's very user-friendly to get going (and the free plan will probably suit all your needs!)

Here are a few ways this integration will help you:

Below you'll find a walk-through video that shows you how to setup a "Zap" if you wanted to sell your course through Gumroad and have the buyers get automatically added in Teachery. You can follow the same steps and replace Gumroad with Paypal, Shopify, or any other payment providers that currently integrate with Zapier. 

Here is the location of the items you'll need to get from your Teachery account for Zapier:

1. Your unique Teachery API Key* (this is at the top of your My Account page)

2. The Course API ID** (this is in the Teachery course editor > Manage Options page)

*You'll only need this one time when you add Teachery to your Zapier account.
**The Course API ID is different for every course in your account, you'll need it for each course you create a Zap for.

Bonus: If you use Teachery Payment Pages, you can create Zaps too

If you use our Payment Pages (with your Stripe account added) for your Teachery courses, you can also setup Zaps to grab the payment data from Stripe and then Zap that data to other places (like email providers we don't integrate with!)

You don't even need the Teachery part of Zapier for this, just start with your Stripe account.