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Creating Payment Plans or Recurring Payments

If you're looking to offer payment plans for your courses, monthly subscriptions, or yearly memberships, our new recurring payment page feature should do just the trick!

To create a payment plan or recurring payment:

*By default, we'll set any recurring payment (monthly or yearly) to infinite payments going forward. Changing the the amount of months/years when creating your recurring payment will set a specific timeframe.

Want to create a payment plan for your course?

You'll already have a fixed price payment page (one time payment), then all you need to do is create a new, separate recurring payment page. For example, let's say your course is $300 and you want to have a 6-month payment plan option:

That payment page will allow a customer to buy your $300 course, but only pay $50 per month for the next 6 months. You can then link to your fixed price payment page ($300) and your new recurring payment page ($50/mo x 6 months) on your Teachery Landing Page and have pricing options!

Important: Revoking access and refunds

If a student purchases your course through a recurring payment page, you'll have the ability to manage their course access and payments via their Customer Profile (found by going to your Customer Activity page and clicking their name/email). 

Revoking Access: By clicking this link in a customer's profile you will be cancelling their recurring payments and removing their access to your course. This will not refund any existing payments they've made.

Refunds: You'll see individual payments listed in the right column of a customer's profile. You can refund any payments and refunding will not result in revoking access to your course. 

Watch the two walk-through videos below for more information and seeing recurring payments in action!

Part 1: Creating a recurring payment page (including Stripe and Customer Activity) 

Part 2: Helping you with future failed payments and customer actions