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Setting up promo codes or coupons

Creating promo codes for your course(s) in Teachery is extremely easy! In the video below, you'll learn a bit more, but if you just want the quick-and-dirty of how to set one up, here you go:

Login to Teachery >>

Click the course you want to create promo codes for >>

Once in your course editor click the "Promo Codes" link in the sidebar >>

Click the "Create Promo Code" button - yay!

Teachery promo codes allow you to choose a percentage off or an amount off. You can also set an amount of redemptions you want to limit a promo code to (optional). And, you can set a date for the promo code to expire in the future (optional).

One important note about our promo codes: They must use only lowercase letters and numbers. No spaces. No fancy characters. No emojis (sorry!).

More info in the video: