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Setting up custom domains for your courses

We understand that you may not want your course to live on your-awesome-course.teachery.co as a domain name. Which is why we offer the ability to house your course on whatever custom domain you like. You can see a custom domain in action here (that’s a Teachery Landing Page set as the default page of a Teachery course).

NOTE: Custom domains can get a little tricky and we wish there was an easier way to set them up. We highly recommend the use of subdomains with your online course, as it’s much easier to change the DNS records for course.yourdomain.com as opposed to just yourdomain.com. Click here to read the help article about using subdomains.

To add a custom domain to your course...

Step 1: Update your DNS settings with your domain provider

  1. Add a CNAME Record of www that points to www.teachery.co
  2. Optional: Add domain forward of non-www domain (yourcustomdomain.com) to www.yourcustomdomain.com

Step 2: Update your Custom Domain settings in Teachery:

BONUS TIP: Don't forget to pick your "Default Course Page" too. If someone types www.yourcustomdomain.com, this is the page in Teachery they will see.

Step 3: Wait for domain propagation (🙄)

We have no way of predicting how long it will take for your domain provider to ensure your custom domain is setup properly. If you are visiting your custom domain in your browser and not seeing any page related to Teachery, your domain is not ready yet. It can take 24-48 hours for a domain to propagate. Please plan your course setup accordingly!

You can use DNS Checker to input your domain and see if it has propagated yet. If it has, you'll see green check marks and the IP address should be Teachery's IP.