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Creating course lessons and adding course content

Your courses can have as many lessons (and sublessons) as your course-creating-heart desires! If you want to dive right into the lesson walk-through video, go ahead and do that below. You'll learn how to add images, PDFs, videos, and other content since Teachery doesn't host that content (more below on that as well).

The Different Lesson Sections (all editable)

All of these different sections of a lesson are editable and will save automatically while you are making updates or changes (yay!).

*The Lesson Resources box in the Default course template will display in two places in a lesson. You can always hide it and use the Intro or Transcript sections as places to share lesson resources if you don't want to use the Lesson Resources box.

Things To Note About Lessons - Teachery Doesn't Host Images, Videos, Etc

One of the biggest things to note about lessons, is that Teachery does not host content (like images, videos, PDFs, etc). You'll want to upload these files to other services and then grab the URLs (or embed code) and input them in Teachery. I walk through this in the video below, but here's more info:

Recommended image hosting: If you don't currently host files anywhere, we recommend imgur.com for free image hosting. It's really easy to use and completely secure. If you're a Dropbox user, you can grab your Dropbox links, just make sure to grab the full image address by opening your image link from dropbox, then right clicking (or ctrl + click on a Mac) and copying the image address. That's the URL you'll need for adding images.

Recommended file hosting: If you want to link to PDFs, spreadsheets, or any other files for your students to download, we recommend using Google Drive or Dropbox. These services are very affordable (Google Drive is free to start!) and it will help keep your files organized. Again, make sure to grab the URL of the file and ensure your sharing settings are on (if necessary). Then just add a text link or link to an image to your Dropbox/Google Drive file. 

Recommended video hosting: This comes down to cost. The video you'll see below is hosted with Wistia. Wistia is free up to 5 videos and gives you a very nice customizable video player. You do have to pay if you want to remove the Wistia logo. Vimeo and YouTube offer free video hosting options, and you'll just want to make sure to set your video's privacy settings to unlisted (YouTube) or unsearchable (Vimeo). 

Recommended audio hosting: If you only need audio lessons, or you want to add audio lessons in addition to your video lessons, we recommend Soundcloud. They have a free plan to start and their embeddable player is very easy to use and works perfectly within Teachery lessons.

Copying + Pasting text: Certain sites or apps will add code to text behind the scenes (like Evernote). When you copy your course text from a program (like Evernote), it may cause issues in Teachery. It's best to copy your text from a program like Evernote and paste it into a Google Doc or a simple text editing program like TextEdit before copying + pasting into Teachery.

Without further ado, here's the lesson walk-through video...